Tips on Decorating your Christmas Tree

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With only four more shopping weekends to go before Christmas, many people are thinking of how they are going to decorate their household for the festive season, and in particular, the Christmas tree. Traditionally, the Christmas tree takes centre stage of any festive decorating and is the place to put the presents under and gather around on Christmas morning. And make no mistake, a drab looking tree can have dire consequences as Gareth Gates and Toyah Wilcox found out recently when they rocked up to turn on the lights in Herne Bay, Kent, and the tree was so atrocious that the crowd booed them.

So to make sure your Christmas tree knocks spots off the Herne Bay atrocity, here are our tips for decorating the best tree.

Type of tree

When we say type of tree, we don’t only mean artificial or real, we are also suggesting the shape and what it is made out of. Let me clarify; if you are choosing a real tree, you only really have a few options. But if you are going for an artificial, you have to decide whether you want one that comes with its own lights, whether it is green or another colour, what it is made of, whether you want it to look like a proper Christmas tree or to be a little more avant garde. The list is endless. So decide whether you are going down the traditional real route or the modern artificial one, although having said that, you can make a fake tree look pretty real with the right decorations. I believe you can also actually buy a spray that smells of pine!

Choose a colour scheme.

A traditional colour scheme is typically green, red and gold but my sister always goes for purple, black and silver colours which looks really upto date and modern. When choosing colours, try to go for just two or three and make sure you contrast them so you have a light and a dark colour. For instance, red and gold, or black and silver. And don’t forget how the lights will affect your colours, so if your scheme is monotone, don’t add creamy lights, stick to bright white leds which will compliment them. Likewise, if you are using red and gold then the yellow lights are more effective. And to really create a colour infusion, how about a rainbow effect with multi coloured lights?

Modern or traditional?

With the actual decorations, you can decide whether or not you want traditional dangling items or thoroughly modern ones. For instance, examples of traditional would be fairies, snowmen, santas, robins, reindeer, glass baubles etc Modern decorations could be literally anything from toys, knitted mini Christmas jumpers, hearts, using all of one type of decoration such as snowflakes or butterflies etc you could also decide to use natural products such as pine cones, fruit (oranges with cloves studded in them), twigs with red ribbon, holly berries, mistletoe. You can cover a Christmas tree in anything you want!

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