Tips on Caring for Your Vibram Five Fingers Shoe

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Vibram Five Fingers Shoe

One of the most popular shoes to ever hit the market is the Vibram five fingers shoe linewhich simulates the barefoot feeling while still being able to wear protective covering for your feet. A lot of athletes and runners prefer to wear these types of shoes these days, especially since they really do provide the comfort and the protection need by the feet in almost any event. It is natural of course that your shoes will get dirty and sometimes smelly in the long run, more so if you are using them on an almost daily basis. The proper care for your Vibram shoes therefore should also be considered, and this article will help you with caring and maintaining this cool and unique pair of footwear.

If you are starting to smell something unpleasant coming out from your shoes after doing an activity it may be time to sprinkle them with either baking soda or cornstarch. The smell may be coming from bacteria trapped within the shoes. Bacteria like humid and moist environments, and so your shoes are the perfect candidate as a breeding ground. Cornstarch and baking soda absorbs the moisture within the Vibram five fingers shoe and keeps bacteria away.

One good thing about Vibram five fingers shoe is that they can also be machine washed. To prevent them from losing their natural contours however take care not to wash them on their own. One good idea is to wash them together with heavy blankets or some towels to ensure that they do not get damaged. Always use the lowest setting for the wash cycle and avoid tossing them in the dryer. The heat from the dryer that you are using can cause damage to the shoes. What you can do instead is to hang them out on a clothesline to dry.

You can also wash your Vibram shoes by hand if you don’t fancy putting them in to the washing machine. A small amount of detergent in either warm or cold water will do the trick. To make sure that stubborn dirt and grime are removed you can soak the shoes for about 5 minutes to lift out the dirt stuck on the surface. You can use a small brush if need be to take out the remaining dirt and grime. After washing, you can then let your Vibram five fingers shoe drip dry on the clothesline.

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