Tips For Saving Money In The Grocery Store

Let’s face it there isn’t a single one of us who wouldn’t love to have more money to spend when we are at the grocery store. There’s nothing better than going to our pantry or refrigerator and seeing it full of healthy food that we love to eat. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your grocery trip.

Check Out Manager’s Specials

If you love to have some of the best cuts of meat in your freezer one of the first places to look at is the manager’s specials. Here you will often be able to find several selections to choose from and you can get them for a healthy discount. If you’re worried about how fresh the food is make sure to check dates and to not purchase something that is in a package that has been ripped or is dripping blood.

Cut Your Coupons

This may seem like a trick from the past but the truth is that it works. Just like anything in life, the more you do it, the more proficient at it you will become. The best way to make the most out of your coupon cutting is to try to set aside time for it. Don’t cut every coupon because you’ll just end up costing yourself time when you’re in the store sorting through what you won’t use.

Get Bulk Items And Get Bulk Savings

Whether you decide to get a membership at one of the many stores that offer tons of different items in bulk or you simply get extra paper towels when there is an excellent deal-bulk can be one of the best ways to save big when you are getting supplies for your home. There are so many fun things to spend our paychecks on we shouldn’t waste it all on household goods. Other big-ticket items that you will be able to save on in bulk are laundry detergent, toilet paper and different cleaners.

Another tip that goes with the bit of advice about bulk savings is to look at the prices in the stores. Many stores now have a unit price that breaks it down so that you can easily see where you’re spending more per a certain measurement. This may make it a lot easier to see that the 2.99 brick of cheese is actually more expensive per ounce than the 4.99 brick of cheese. You want to make the most of every red cent you spend so you’re going to want to start by reading all the different tickets.

Shop The Perimeters

This is a bit of advice that comes from many health and diet books. It’s certainly true that if you shop the outer aisles of the store you’re are going to have a much easier time selecting healthy food that has less carbs and less preservatives. This is a big factor in our health. While there are aisles and aisles of boxed convenient foods and they may seem cheaper with a super long shelf life, these aren’t necessarily the place for you to get the most out of your grocery dollar. If you get a couple of nice roasts and prepare them you can have sandwiches and snacks off of this healthy meat for some time. This can make an initially thought large purchase pay for itself quickly because you’ll be getting good food to eat for dinner and lunch the next day. This brings us to the key to eating healthy while staying in your grocery budget. You will want to learn to actively plan your meals around sales and a work schedule to make sure you budget well. 

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