Tips For Better Communication In Any Situation

Being able to properly get your point across to a person can mean many things. It can be as simple as stating you don’t like a certain topping on your pizza to an intense conversation about a relationship. True communicators find many other aspects of their life are easier and less stressful. Just think what a relief it would be to know the next weeks’ worth of conversation will go well and give you an overall confidence boost. Here are a few pointers to consider when you are communicating with anyone.

Eye Contact

There is a reason you’ll hear this over and over about communication in any form. That is because it is truly extremely important. Whether you are having a conversation with your boss, your mother or your husband you need to consider what your eyes are doing and what their eyes are doing. Whether or not eyes are the windows to a soul, they are most certainly the key to having a healthy conversation. This important feature is responsible for many cues that help us to fully understand the person we are engaging with, no matter what the situation is. There is a reason there are countless books written about what you can tell about a person by reading into their eye contact.

Be Attentive

While it is true you will run into situations at home that will put you in the position where you may be having a quick conversation regarding laundry, bills or something else with the operation of a home. For this situation we are talking true conversations need attention. You aren’t going to be able to communicate well if you’re busily emailing coworkers and on the phone with your husband. You instead need to do one task at a time here so you are better able to have an in depth conversation where both of you are heard.

Listen More Than Your Share

Regardless of the topic of the conversation, unless you have been hired to do a speech you should listen a little more than you are inclined to. Most people want to talk more than they want to listen. This is because talking seems like a more active role. The truth is that a person who is a good listener will be able to better provide an engaging conversation. You need to be able to hear what the other person is saying and in some cases is refraining from saying (you’ll see this with that eye contact mentioned earlier) in order to be able to communicate effectively.

When Conflicts Arise

With the amount of communication an active individual goes through there is bound to be some confrontation with a given situation or another. There are appropriate ways to handle this while still effectively communicating and there are highly inappropriate ways. First of all, communication is instantly lost anytime shouting or more severe displays are brought into play.

If a problem arises it is best to remain silent and truly listen to what the other individual has to say. This will through them a little off guard and should help the two of you remain civil. Don’t get defensive and try to explain your side without changing how the other party is feeling or thinking. If you did something wrong, apologize. If you have been wronged be forgiving. The best way to remain in the right frame of mind when having a conversation that gets a little heated is to remain calm. For some people it can be more of a concern to stand up for themselves. Conflict resolution is such a wide area in communication it’s best to read one of the many books available. 

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