Tips on how to buy the Perfect Christmas Present

© Ugly Sweater Shop/Flickr

© Ugly Sweater Shop/Flickr

You might not want to think about it but Christmas is just around the corner. With this comes all the stress of present buying.

But what if there was a way of ensuring that every gift you bought turned out to be perfect for the recipient?

Well, with just a little bit of forethought, it can be.


When you give a gift you are saying something to the respective giftee. You are telling them:

  • This is how much I think you are worth.
  • This is how much I know about you.
  • This is how much I value you.

Who knew you were saying so much when you handed over that pair of socks last Christmas! But it doesn’t have to be that way this year.

Check out our guide to buying the perfect Christmas present and make sure that you are saying all the right things this festive season!

Find out what the person likes

If you do not know the person that well, or you have lost touch over the years, but you still want to buy them a fabulous present, you’ll obviously have to find out what they like.

Do they have any hobbies? For instance, are they into jewellery making/cookery/gardening? If so, buy them something to do with their hobby.

If you don’t know about any hobbies, try checking Amazon to see if they’ve posted up a wish list.

Look through their Facebook likes and see what keeps cropping up. Check out what films or music they have ‘liked’ in the past and buy them the latest release.

Buy them an experience

Once you’ve found out what your recipient likes you can move on from physical gifts to something a little more creative. So if your friend likes cooking why not buy them a specialist cookery class, or if they are into gardening how about a day pass to the Eden Project?

Your recipient may love The Phantom of the Opera and have the DVD, so why not buy them tickets to see the theatre production?

If you want to treat an overworked partner, a weekend at a luxurious spa like Champneys is always a winner.

If you can’t afford that, why not give your partner a ‘Day Off’ pass from helping with the kids and arrange for them to go and see the footie at the local pub with their mates for the day or a girlie shopping day?

Look back in time

Perhaps your recipient has just graduated from college and you could get their certificate and frame it beautifully for them. Did they used to play a certain Sega game that would bring back memories and can you now buy it for a PC?

Would a painting of a much-loved pet be a welcome gift?

Don’t be afraid to get personal by looking into their past and getting them something really poignant.

This shows that you have put a lot of thought into what you are buying them.

Think about giving a charitable gift

Are they the type pf person that always gets involved in fun runs or marathons for charity? Do they support a particular cause or have they a reason to donate to one specific charity through personal reasons?

If the person you are buying for has told you time and time again that they really don’t want or need anything, find some worthy cause they are passionate about and donate to that.

Do they always take on rescue dogs from their local centre? If so then donate food or blankets to that shelter or make a donation to the RSPCA in their name.

Are they a keen supporter of Shelter and always give to Big Issue sellers? Set up a standing order for a small amount each month and say it is from them.

Are they involved in overseas aid? If you can afford it sponsor an African school kid and give them an education.

Cancer research charities are always desperate for donations so if they have suffered a loss in the family give money in their name.

There are tons of good causes out there, make sure you pick one that your recipient will love and cherish.

Remember, a little thought goes a long way this Christmas!

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