Why Tiny Houses are the next big thing

With space for building decreasing, and the cost of purchasing out of most peoples’ reach, there seems to be only one solution to the housing problem, build small. But whereas smaller houses were once seen as a niche market, nowadays they are growing in popularity, and people are making a definite choice to live in them.

These tiny houses quite often measure less than three to four hundred square foot, so you have to be pretty inventive with the space you have. And perhaps this is where the charm in tiny houses begins.

Smaller living spaces have to be innovative and make full use of what is available, and here is the key. As people begin to recycle, re-use and make do with what they already have, they start to live a more thoughtful and appreciative life. Tiny houses gives them the opportunity to completely strip back on the unessential things in life and live a simpler, more natural existence.

We checked out some of the most ground-breaking tiny houses in the U.S that make full use of the space available. Why not see if living in a tiny house would suit your lifestyle?

Wheelhaus Luxury Cabin

Pictures courtesy Wheelhaus

Pictures courtesy Wheelhaus

Designed by Wheelhaus, this looks like a log cabin but it is actually a mobile Park Model RV. The cabin measures 400 square-foot and features a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen/living room and a private deck of 100 square-feet. At the front is a large window that slides across and the back has a large sliding glass door which allows for much natural light. Prices start from $82,000 and there are 6 models to choose from.

Hobbitat Cabins

Pictures courtesy Hobbitat

Pictures courtesy Hobbitat

Situated at the Blue Moon Rising ecotourism retreat in McHenry, Maryland, these cute cabins are available to rent per night from $249 – $349. There are 14 cabins available, one of which is the Kaya (pictured) that features reclaimed Chestnut and pine floors from an old Pennsylvania store, under a curved corrugated metal ceiling. The interior contains a living space, queen-bed area, bathroom, and kitchen with great views. You can also buy from $40,000 – $100,000.

Escape Classic Cottage

Pictures courtesy Escape

Pictures courtesy Escape

Another Park Model RV measuring 28 by 14-foot, this is inspired by the stunning cottages at Canoe Bay resort in the woods at Wisconsin. This 392-square-foot cottage has vaulted ceilings and a super large window wall that allows tons of natural light. Includes a living space with fireplace and kitchen along the wall, there’s also a separate bedroom area and bath. Big French windows open out to a porch space for outside entertaining and inside, the red-striped chaise lounge can be used as a bed and comes with heated coils. Prices from $79,900.

Tiny Heirloom Luxury Farmhouse

Pictures courtesy Tiny Heirloom

Pictures courtesy Tiny Heirloom

This farmhouse-inspired tiny house is only 192-square-foot but packs in a sleeping loft, kitchen bathroom, living area and even a washing machine. This gorgeous farmhouse on wheels incorporates hardwood floors with hand-hewn pine beams and includes a hide-away loft ladder and six foot square of storage space. It comes complete with mod cons such as an under-counter fridge and a 20-inch four-burner gas range. It also has a small desk space for working. Prices from $65,000.

Tiny Texas Homes – Painted Lady

This unique home is built from salvaged materials to create a one-off original tiny house. Tiny Texas homes build all their houses from recycled and salvaged materials which means that no two are alike. They start from around 120-square-feet, measuring 11 to 12 feet in length but can go up to 38 feet long. The company use Cypress pine which has been around for decades, alongside their recycled materials. Prices start from $38,000.

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