Tim-E: New bedside alarm robot

tim-E, the alarm clockIf, like me, you find it difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning no matter how loudly your alarm clock buzzes, then this new gizmo could be for you.

The snappily-titled Californian company Nuts and Voltz has come with a new robot-style alarm clock for your iPhone or iPod that it is trying to get funding for through Kickstarter.

Called tim-E, the alarm clock talks and dances in a bid to wake you up. Your little bedside companion will chat to you about weather and traffic updates for the day or you can choose to have him dance to your own music.

You can also record voice reminders, which could be useful if there’s something you need to remember to do when you get up in the morning or if a thought suddenly occurs to you as you’re dropping off to sleep.

Tim-E can also help you fall asleep at night. You can choose to play music before tim-E gently fades it out for you and the screen can also display a soothing picture of a moon.

“Let tim-E help with putting the kids to sleep,” says Nuts and Voltz Kickstarter campaign. “Use tim-E to gently fade out music and lull your little ones to sleep. Tim-E will also show your kids a moon when it is sleepy time and a rising sun when it’s okay to get up in the morning.”

That could be useful if your little one tends to wake up super early – you can tell them only to come and wake you up when the sun appears.

It also acts as a charger so your iPhone or iPod will be fully ready for you to use when you get up.

tim-E, the alarm clockThe new alarm clock, should it get funding, could well appeal to teenagers as you can swap the robot’s default face with a photo of your choice, so they could choose to use a picture of their boyfriend, their best friend, their pet or even Justin Bieber.

As well as serving its purpose as an alarm clock, tim-E could also prove a popular hit as children’s parties. You could load up your iPod with your little one’s favourite tunes before using tim-E to get the dancing started.

Nuts and Voltz is hoping to raise $150,000 with its Kickstarter campaign. With 25 days to go, $7,600 has been raised so far. The first 1,000 people to back the new product will get tim-E for a discounted price of $60.

There’s obviously still a long way today but the new gizmo has already been featured on well-known technology sites and blogs including mashable, cnet and slashable.

The company has been founded by Rich Mazel, a successful toy industry investor relations guru along with Jeff Wilcox, who is a consumer electronics wizard. The pairs are working with San Francisco’s KID Group, a toy invention and licensing firm, to try to ensure the project is a success.

The team estimates anyone who has backed tim-E should receive their own little bedside robot in early 2014.

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