Throwing a baby shower

Throwing a baby shower

Throwing a baby shower

A baby shower is thrown for the mom-to-be by close family or friends. It is showering the soon-to-arrive-baby with gifts like cribs, toys, clothes and other necessary items and also, abundance of love. A baby shower is generally held towards the end of the seventh month or closer to the delivery date.  It is supposed to be a memorable time for the mommy-to-be. She gets to spend time with her family and friends who join in this celebration and it is probably also the last such party that she would be attending before she takes on her maternal duties. How does one get started on planning a baby shower? With so much information available on the internet, it seems to only add to the confusion. So, the first thing to do is to get your pen and pad and start jotting down everything and anything that randomly comes into your mind when you think of a baby shower. You want it to be perfect and simply amazing.

Here is a list of the things that may be of help when planning a baby shower for someone. One of the most important things to do is to involve both sets of grandmothers. They too maybe awaiting this bundle of joy and may like to be a part of the baby shower. Their inputs can also be valuable.

  • Decide the date, place and time of the baby shower party. You can either keep the whole thing a surprise or let the expectant mother know about it. Check the date, time and place of the event with her or her close ones to make sure that she does not have any other appointments and everything according to her convenience. Some prefer it on a weekend while others on a public holiday. Let the duration not be more than two to three hours as it can be very exhaustive for the mom-to-be.
  • Decide on the theme/idea for the baby shower. There are a lot of websites like www.babyshower101.com among several others offering themes for a baby shower. These themes make deciding on invitations, decorations, food and favors easier. It may be better to ask the mom-to-be what ideas she has in mind. It also helps if you know the gender of the baby.
  • Decide the guest list. This is a very important point and make sure that you do not leave out someone who is close to the expectant mother. She may have more than one baby shower- one thrown by family and the other by friends or colleagues. If the guest list includes some children make sure that you have baby-sitters or entertainment for them too. The last thing you want is the children spoiling a wonderful event for the mom-to-be. You may want to invite only women friends.
  • Decide the budget of the whole event. This depends on the number of guests, venue, the food, decorations, favors that you will send back. A baby shower is all about spending time together with family and friends and not about how expensive or not it is. So, don’t worry if your budget is not high. Churn out a simple but memorable baby shower. If there are more than one person pooling in then divide the budget equally.
  • Choose a venue for the baby shower. You can have it at the mommy-to-be’s house if it is convenient for her and there is enough of place to accommodate all the guests. This way you can save on the venue rent. If you want it to be one of the fabulous outings for her, go in for a club or a restaurant or any outdoor venue in accordance with the theme. Make sure that the reservations are made quite in advance to avoid last minute pursuit for a good place.
  • Decide on the menu. Make sure that whatever is being served is to the general liking of the guests and the expectant mother. Also, if there are invitees with any special health issues then take such things into consideration. The time of the baby shower should also be taken into account when making a menu list. That is a full 3 or 4 course meal if it is around lunch or dinner time. It’s fine to order a little more than to have people go back hungry. For the beverages, avoid anything alcoholic; go in for fruit juices or mock tails. You can hire a caterer or if the food is a potluck by a few friends, then decide well in advance who is preparing what.
  • Lastly, start making the invitations. Once you have got everything in place, it is time to start making invitations. Again, these can be personalized invitations, hand written or ordered matching with the theme chosen. The invitations should have the name of the guest, date, place and time of the baby shower. Make sure that the invitations are sent out at least 5 to 6 weeks before the baby shower. After sending out the invites if you have not got RSVPs then call those who have not responded.
  • With only a few weeks left for the D-day, the invitations should have already been sent, the items for decorations and favors purchased, the expectant mother to be registered with one or two registries, the party games and gifts wrapped. Do not wait till the last minute to put things together. Make it the most special and magical baby shower.


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