Three Tips For Selecting Healthy Plant

We are creatures of nature and as such we like to feel in touch with it in our own homes and apartments. Plants make a room look livelier and put color in an otherwise monotone setting. Can a simple decoration be better than a living thing? Not really. But picking up a plant is more than settling for the one that is aesthetically more compatible with the room or the furniture. Of course that is important, but more important than that is to pick a plant that is healthy and will not turn brown after being bright green in less than a week. But if you do not work in landscaping or with plants, how do you know what to look for in a plant to determine its health. Here are 3 tips.

Check for Pests in the Plants

By far the most damaging thing to a plant can be bugs or other types of pests. They can chew at the leaves and affect the way the plant looks and in the worst case scenario they can actually kill the plant. In order to check for bugs or pests check the leaves from top to bottom and do the same with the axis. If you do find any type of bug or pest you may want to head out to a different store. Finding one bug in one plant may be a sign of widespread infestation in that particular garden center. When it comes to pests it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have more plants at home that can be damaged by the same bugs.

Is The Plant Healthy?

You must also check the plant for any type of disease that may affect it in the near future. It is possible to find plant with a disease even at the top retailers, because diseases tend to show up in a very small manner until it may be too late. You must look for possible signs of distress on the plant. Those include black spots, or mushy ones. Inspect for leaves that are yellow and curling. The same rule applies to finding another store if you see a plant with diseases at the first one. Plants can spread diseases to other plants when in the same environment.

The Root Of the problem:

If you are going to make sure a plant you want to buy is healthy you must check its roots. The root is one of the most important plant parts that you can inspect before buying it. It may sound difficult to inspect the root because of its container, but it is rather simple. You just have to gently take the plant from its container and be careful so not to hurt it. You are looking for roots that are white and firm, and not a solid mass. Remember that the plants at the nursery centers should not be fully rooted if the stem is lose and you do not see any roots then that plant is not for you.

The inspection of a plant is very important in determining its health. There are other things to look for in a plant, like if you want your plant to have many flowers, then you should be counting the buds, not the flowers because the buds determine the future look of the plant and that is what you are interested with. But the plant’s health trumps anything else, because after all how important is the number of flower buds if they will never blossom at the end of the day? Follow those tips and you will have healthy plants in your home or garden for years to come.

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