Three of the Best Plasma TVs

If you are thinking of buying a new television in the next few months, chances are it is probably going to be a plasma one. Plasma TVs work differently to the old cathode ray televisions as they use gases such as neon and xenon which glow when an electrical current is passed through them.

The individual pixels that go to make up the picture on the television are sandwiched between two electrically charged plates and there are literally hundreds of thousands of them. A computer unit which receives a signal from a satellite disc or cable, tells them how to be arranged a hundred times per second, providing a sharper and more vibrant image.

Plasma TVs are typically designed in a 16:9 ratio for wide-screen movie formats, as opposed to the box-like 4:3 ratio of standard televisions and come with a flat screen which makes it easy to mount on a wall. Plasma TVs have become a bit of a status symbol but the picture quality is second to none. With this in mind we have looked at the best plasma tvs to bring you our top three.

The Pioneer KRP-500A Plasma HDTV

The Pioneer KRP-500A Plasma HDTV has been consistently rated as one of the top plasma tvs by customers who have bought one and reviewed it. It has an external tuner box, with analogue, DVB-T and DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners for digital terrestrial and digital satellite viewing.

There is also DLNA connectivity for hooking the display up to your home network and playing back media on attached PCs or content servers. Matching speakers are also available. The price is expensive at around £4000 but the picture quality and clarity, especially when hooked up to HD and/or Blu-ray is second to none. Available from amazon.co.uk

The Samsung PS50B450 720p Plasma HDTV

it’s looks great on or off. It features a beautiful, black glossy frame and is simply gorgeous. FilterBright reduces glare so you get a great view day or night. It features the new 600 Hz Subfield Motion with a .001 ms response time which delivers a clear picture for fast-moving scenes.

With 600 subfields in every second, they deliver images that appear seamless, smooth and stunningly natural. You can also connect all your audio and video digital devices via the HD and control them with a single remote. Available from samsung.com.The LG 60PS8000 is a 60” Full HD Plasma that is THX certified.

The LG 60PS8000 is a 60” Full HD Plasma

This allows you to watch and enjoy films the way the director intended, taking advantage of sharp, high detailed pictures. Blur and distortion are a thing of the past with the LG 60PS8000’s 600Hz technology, allowing you to watch high-speed sports or fast action movies. The 60PS8000 also has Bluetooth compatibility allowing you to stream music or images from another Bluetooth device. This is a very smart looking TV – 60 inch plasma. It has no borders as the glass fits right to the edge which makes it look larger than it actually is. Available from amazon.co.uk. One last thing to remember when buying a plasma tv is that when things go wrong they are almost impossible to fix so a warranty is recommended with your purchase which covers a replacement tv.

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