Three of the Best Exercise Bikes

With gym membership prices reaching an all time high, many people failing to turn up after a few months and cancellation terms only allowing you to  give a three-month notice period, is there a better way of exercising and losing weight? Jogging can be hard on the joints and although swimming is supposed to be a good all round exercise, many of us do simply not have the time or want to spend the effort getting changed in murky shower rooms for a ten minute swim.

One solution could be to buy an exercise bike and there are many on the market from the dead cheap to the seriously technologically packed gadget wise. Whether you are taking exercise as a step to getting healthy or losing weight, if it is an alternative to the gym, there is a bike for you.

John Lewis EB3 exercise bike costs £379

Starting off with the cheapest on our list, the John Lewis EB3 exercise bike costs £379 and is an excellent all around basic bike for the novice. It has an ultra compact design, plenty of programmes including 19 training ones, 12 of which are pre set, an LED computerised display and a hand sensor heart monitor.  The multi-coloured LED console displays time, speed, watts, distance, calories, RPM and heart rate.

The padded seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and the handlebars can be moved into different positions. The compact design means that it is easily stored taking up barely any space and it quiet to use. It comes with a free 5 year guarantee, weighs only 35kg and delivery is free. Visit johnlewis.com to order.

Kettler Race exercise bike

Our mid range bike is the Kettler Race exercise bike. At £749 available from kettlerdirect.com, this is a nice sturdy attractive bike with a computerised display and the manually adjustable magnetic brake system enables high pedal resistance. Heart monitoring is via a chest strap and training data is displayed on a  jumbo liquid crystal computer.

Data displayed includes time distance covered per session total distance covered speed pedalling speed room temperature and energy consumption. But the real joy about this bike is the design that copies an actual road racing bike. From the high-placed seat to the adjustable triathlon handlebars, to the sturdy racing frame and smooth running fly-wheel, this is one for serious bikers.

Technogym Recline Forma

And finally the Technogym Recline Forma looks a little like a Harley Davidson with its reclining seat and raised handle bars. You won’t be going anywhere on this machine however, although you will be racking up some miles.

The Recline Forma is designed perfectly for people who need a comfortable cardiovascular workout and the adjustable backrest allows training without tiring the back muscles yet still allowing strengthening of the upper part of the leg muscles. The Recline Forma has a Goal Orientated Display which is interactive between the user and the equipment, programmes include CPR, profiles, manual, and fitness tests and it is power supplied. From around £2089 this is a serious piece of equipment and available from technogym.com.

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