Thousands Queue for the New Apple iPhone 4S

If you haven’t already pre ordered it, camped out for it overnight, or bribed someone who works for Apple, then you’ve got no chance of getting it now. I’m talking about the new iPhone 4S, the all dancing all singing new smart phone from Apple. It costs a jaw dropping £499 but Apple aficionados do not appear to mind paying out for the newest technology from these giants of the telecommunications industry. Thing is, iPhone 4 users are going to be a little miffed as the phones they are have officially defunct and ‘uncool’ even though they are only 15 months old. So what do you get for £499?

Well the main talking point about the new iPhone 4S, forgive the pun, is that it is voice activated which means it has the ability to accept voice commands. The new automated voice control system is called ‘Siri’, which is totally unique to the 4S. It allows users to give the iPhone commands which the phone will then execute and respond to. For example, you can give the iPhone a commands such as “What is the time in Adelaide now ” and it will generate a response such as “It is now 11am in Adelaide”. These commands can vary greatly and control almost every section of the phone. The great thing about Siri is that the commands given do not have to be precise and you can use your natural accent. On the iPhone 4S, you are aided with texting by the voice assistant which allows speech-to-text. So you can speak your text via the microphone instead of using the keyboard! Now we are all secretaries!

The technology has been greatly improved inside the phone. Starting off with the processor with Apple’s A5, which is the first dual-core chip in an iPhone (the same one in the iPad 2). Apple states the A5 will give “up to two times the power and up to seven times faster graphics.” This means that when you switch between apps it is faster and they glide more smoothly. However, the A5 chip really comes into play when you use the camera. You can now take pictures constantly without having to wait in-between shots. The more powerful A5 chip also lets the phone’s camera shoot video in a stabilized 1080p resolution for the first time, instead of the 4’s non-stabilized 720p video. And playing games has been upgraded on the new iPhone 4S. Likened to the PlayStation Vita, it features the same SGX GPU but only in a quad-core configuration. Moreover, the iPhone 4S has the ability to process 35 million polygons per second and as such has been compared to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 home video game consoles that process 275 million and 500 million polygons per second respectively

Aesthetically speaking, the iPhone 4S looks very similar to the iPhone 4. They are both made from glass-and-steel which allows all the add ons from the old iPhones to fit the new ones. So the new iPhone will work with existing iPhone 4 cases and add-ons that might have been left obsolete if it had come in an all-new design.

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