4K Ultra HD TV: Why the time to buy is now!


If you are thinking of treating the family to a new television this Christmas then there are plenty of reasons why you should splash out for a 4K Ultra HD TV.

With many people taking advantage of bargain basement prices for standard 1080p TVs on Black Friday, the time is ripe for a serious upgrade.

So stick your new 1080p TVs in your bedroom or spare room and make room for the ultimate in TV viewing experience. And if you are still not convinced, here’s our reasons why a 4K Ultra HD TV should be on your Christmas wish list:

4K Ultra HD TVs are at their most affordable prices right now

Here on Shoppersbase we covered the release of some of the first 4K UHD TV’s which came with a hefty price tag.  Samsung launched their cinematic 84” screen version that cost a whopping $40,000.

Sony went one inch better with their 85” screen at $25,000. Of course, only the rich and famous could enjoy these sets but as with everything, wait a few years and the price drops dramatically.

Nowadays you can pick up a perfectly reasonable 4K UHD TV for under $1,000 and we are not talking well-known brands here.

The future is 4K UHD TV’s

The word on the High Street is that 1080p TV’s are being phased out. So apart from getting great deals on standard TV sets, what does this mean for the customer in regards to 4K UHD TV’s?

Well it means that all manufacturers are concentrating their effects into 4K UHD sets right now. That means you don’t have to buy from a big named brand.

Smaller and less well-known brands are entering the market, and coming up with perfectly reasonable products. When this happens, big names sit up and take notice. And when big brands start competing for your money you are going to get a bargain.

All the latest technology is going into 4K UHD TV’s


There’s a lot of cutting edge technology out there that is worth investing in and now that 1080p TV’s are being phased out, why not get your hands on it?

With a 4K Ultra HD TV, it’s all about the processing. So you can have exactly the same LCD panel in two television sets, but with a 4K television the processing will be of a much higher standard. This will give you a a superior picture quality.

Not only that, but designers are now focusing on better backlighting systems, darker blacks, enhanced colours, new HDMI specifications, High Dynamic Range processing, and much more. And all of this will end up in a4K Ultra HD TV, not 1080p’s.

So if you want the very best way to enjoy any format of video, from streaming to the imminent Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs, a 4K TV is the only set that will see you into the long term future.

Is there enough 4K content to watch right now?

Talking of content, last year you would have had trouble if you’d forked out for one of the mega priced Sony or Samsung sets because there wasn’t a lot to watch on them.

But that was last year. Finally content has caught up with technology, and we now have 4K streaming services, with some even featuring ultra-high contrast HDR capabilities. And there’s a lot more to come.

If streaming isn’t your thing then you don’t have to wait long for the appearance of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and players. They are released in January and February 2016. By this time next year you can expect a huge range of movies and content to select. And they’ll look amazing on screen.

You have to wait a little while longer for satellite and cable networks to catch up, and don’t hold your breath for broadcasting channels. But word is that at least sports shows are being selected for the 4K treatment right now, and some other favourites.

So the time is right, the price is right, and there is enough content to keep you busy. What are you waiting for?!

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