Things to Remember Whilst Moving House

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences modern-day man has to contend with. As moving day looms nearer your stress levels rise and, what’s worse, things don’t stop there. Follow these tips to help take the sting out of moving stress and make your experience a smoother one.

Birds nest with US paper currency sitting in oil - getty imageSetting aside some emergency money is a good idea to begin with. Unexpected costs can arise at any moment, and you want to plan to have a takeaway on the evening of moving day as it is simply unrealistic to think you’ll be able to cook when your kitchen wares will probably still be in boxes and crates.

Decluttering well in advance will make it a lot easier to pack up. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last six months. This can also help to raise money if you sell it on eBay or Craigslist, but if you need to donate things to charity shops to be shut of them then that’s no great loss. You’ll be glad of it when it comes time to pack.

Start packing up everything you won’t need for the first week. Spare duvets and sheets, Christmas tree and trimmings, and winter or summer clothes can be boxed up and left in a spare corner. Of course this will make your old house messy during the run-up, but it will take a huge amount of stress out of the days leading up to your move.

If you have kids, give them a box to fill with the toys they want to keep out; pack up everything else and stick it aside. Remember, on moving day, that any comfort objects need to be first priority in terms of keeping track of where they are as you don’t want to compound your stress with an inconsolable child.

Renting a storage space for the boxes of things you truly won’t need for a couple of months seems like an extravagant expense, but in truth it allows you to move calmly with a minimum of fuss, and remove a box per week from the storage space once you’re settled in. This allows you to distribute your possessions evenly and at your own pace, and to assess whether you really need that fondue set or those ping pong paddles, or if some of your storage boxes can go straight to the charity shop’s donation bin.

On move-in day, remember to stay calm and hydrated. You will soon be on your sofa in your new house, eating a lovely curry or kebab and relishing your new home. Good luck!

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