Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is often dismissed as a holiday destination fit only for those wishing to consume drugs or, worse perhaps, people. But it is in fact a gorgeous city that offers a wide selection of sights to see and cultural activities to partake of to any and all intrepid tourists willing to give it a chance. If you haven’t given this city the time of day, consider doing so this year and prepare for a wonderful holiday at any time of year.

With the majority of people, Dutch or foreign, fluent in English, you needn’t worry too much about learning Dutch before you can go. The canals which punctuate the city at regular intervals offer a wonderful sight in their own right, and here the multilingual aspect of the Dutch comes in handy. You can pay for a boat tour of the city, and be sure that the guides will speak impeccable English as well as a variety of other languages. You could, alternatively, rent a boat of your own or even use the canal bus which works as a usual bus service but travels over water.

The Anne Frank House is an invaluable cultural resource. The very home Anne Frank and her companions hid in during World War II is open for visitors and will give you a unique insight into her perspectives. Whether you’ve read her diary or not, you will find it a significant experience to see, first-hand, the conditions in which she lived for years before deportation.

If you want a more whimsical approach to the day, the Sex Museum offers a fun-filled half hour with a variety of

exhibits ranging from the humorous to the more historical. Flagship of the Netherlands’ open attitude towards sex, it can teach you a thing or two whilst amusing your party at the same time.

Artis Zoo is a beautiful zoo set within the city. Artis has been around for many years and, founded in 1838, it is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. It offers many exhibits including a planetarium, a zoological museum, a geological museum and an aquarium and is able to offer a few days’ worth of exploration!

The Rijksmuseum is a must-see for any art-lover. With a huge collection of Dutch art as well as some historical pieces, it contains a large number of Rembrandt’s paintings as well as a set of Vermeer’s, Hals’, and Steen’s. It is definitely worth a look or two, and don’t forget to check what exhibitions are on while you visit.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and the cultural sights to see are second to none. Don’t put it off a moment longer; it is only a short flight away and will delight and mesmerise in equal measure.

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