The wrong type of role model

A tiny size 8 body, long brown hair, and a life to die for- Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, really does have it all going for her. After recently marrying Prince William, she’s even more of an interest to the British public than she ever was before, but it now seems it may be for the wrong reason.

With not even a hair ever out of place most of the time, Kate is the epitome of perfection, however she’s also become the wrong type of role model to hundreds of girls suffering from Anorexia, due to her constant weight loss.

Although she was once a healthy size 10 to 12 when she first came into the public eye, she is now a size 6 to 8, and this definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed. It also looks like she’ll be a size 4 soon, as the pounds just keep dropping off her.

Supposedly horrified by being this type of role model, Kate has spoken of her recent weight loss, putting it down to the pressures involved with her very public wedding in April. Although she’s spoken of how she will probably go back to her normal size at some point, she’s stressed the fact that she doesn’t want to be seen as this type of role model.

The press has also spoken of Kate’s sister, Pippa, being mentioned on these sites too; also being hailed a role model. What they fail to see is the fact that Pippa’s weight gain is a direct result of the many marathons she runs, coupled with her rigorous fitness regime.

With the site displaying recent pictures of Kate and Pippa, alongside older pictures when they weren’t quite so slim, the message they’re trying to get across surround those relating to anorexia being a lifestyle choice, whilst failing to recognise the severity of the illness.

Anorexia, or Anorexia Nervosa as it’s more formally known, is an eating disorder that affects many people. The disorder is an overwhelming worry of becoming overweight from eating, so much so that those suffering from the illness practically starve themselves. Unable to see the damage their doing to their body, the disorder normally ends with the need for rehabilitation, or in more serious cases, people can die from being such a low weight.

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