The world’s most advanced kitchen? Electrolux reveals its new hi-end range

Aimed at the “world’s most exclusive homes”, Electrolux’s new kitchen will set you back a whopping £65,000.

The Swedish manufacturer is aiming its Grand Cuisine range at those who long to cook like controversial chef Heston Blumenthal, whipping up food worthy of a top restaurant in their own luxury home.

Already the equipment manufacturer of choice for more than half the world’s Michelin-starred restaurants, Electrolux says it is making what was previously only available for professional chefs something you can now use in your own kitchen.

Electrolux says its research found there was a “true consumer desire” for access at home to advanced cooking techniques including “sous-vide”, where food is cooked in a water bath after being sealed in a plastic bag or blast-chilling where deserts which would previously need to be chilled overnight can be rapidly cooled in time for dinner.

“We all love gourmet restaurant dining,” says Electrolux, presenting the new ultra-expensive range, “but what if the same amazing results could be created by you, at home?”

Electrolux goes on to say: “Sharing food is the most elemental of pleasures, yet in the great restaurants of the world the experience has been elevated to an art form. The appeal of a great restaurant goes far beyond what’s on the menu: it’s about the service, the atmosphere, and who you’re with. With passion and skill, chefs create a sense of joy whose memory will linger long after the last plate is cleared away.

“Yet you too could soon be cooking like a professional chef, using the same tools and techniques to create wonderful results in your own home.”

There are nine products in total in the Electrolux range, including four different hobs. They’re all designed to accompany a bespoke Molteni range cooker, hand-made in France to order, and which is on top of that £65,000 cost. Individual units cost from £1,660 to £13,500.

There’s the combination oven which cooks with heat, or steam, or both; the blast chiller which can chill 10 bottles of Champagne to the perfect temperature in just 30 minutes; the precision vacuum sealer which allows you to prepare meals in advance and store them in a vacuum sealed bag; the induction zone, which detects when you place a pan on top; the surround induction hob which is perfect for stir fries; the sear hob for cooking without the pan and the professional standard gas hob.

Ennio Pippia, who is director of research and development at Electrolux Profession, said: “While many home cooks are experimenting with expert cooking techniques, the missing ingredient for creating a restaurant experience at home has been access to professional tools.

“We have created an interactive and intuitive, intelligent system that will help the at-home chef achieve the same world-class results you’d expect from a Michelin-star restaurant.”

We’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t like the £65,000 kitchen in our own home. But we have a feeling the blast chiller and the sous-vide device may go the same way as the smoothie maker and juicer we have at home – simply hidden away in a cupboard and never used.

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