The wonders of threading

Who’d have thought such great results could be seen from have cotton string twisted over our eyebrows? This is what happens in a hair removal technique called threading.

Threading Eyebrows

Threading Eyebrows

Threading first came about in ancient times, and was used on women who wanted excess hair removed from their face. It’s a Chinese technique, where the eyelid is stretched in order to make hair removal as easy and pain free as possible. Although previously a technique used only by Indian, Arab and Asian women, it’s becoming increasingly popular among British women as well over the last few years, with many salons on the high street offering the service.

If you feel like trying eyebrow threading, it’s always best to choose an experienced threader, as the technique is a highly skilled one. It’s most commonly something passed down from generation to generation in ethnic families, which is generally how it is taught.

With threading, only hair around the eyebrow is removed, and even if you go over and over the same part of the eyebrow, only the hair that is needed to be removed will be, as the cotton targets specific areas. This technique is also great for other types of hair removal on the face, such as upper lip hair.

Read these top tips for perfect threaded eyebrows:

  • Find an experienced threader, in a recognised beauty salon.
  • Don’t apply moisturiser to your face on the day of your appointment.
  • Be careful not to touch your face or eyebrows for up to three hours after having your eyebrows threaded, as bacteria on your hands can bring your face out in a rash.
  • Don’t try to thread your own your eyebrows- it’s a skill that needs to be learnt and is not easily picked up.

The main benefit of threading, as opposed to other hair removal techniques, like waxing, is that it gives the eyebrows a perfect shape, and can also repair damage done by those who have previously been a bit ‘pluck happy’ with their tweezers. Using tweezers, it’s very easy to pluck a vital hair out, which instantly changes the shape of the eyebrow, therefore leaving no choice other than having to wait for the hair to grow back.

Other benefits of threading include:

  • The pain involved with eyebrow plucking and waxing is a lot more than eyebrow threading.
  • It is a highly recommended beauty treatment, which many women have done.
  • The best method you can use to shape your eyebrows.
  • Less expensive that many other hair removal techniques.

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