The way a belkin surge protector stands behind its products is worth mentioning

A surge protector is basically a device which has been designed to shield computer and other electronic goods from surges in electrical power. A power surge also known as transient voltage is characterized by a sudden increase in the line voltage which can considerably damage the electronic devices that are plugged to the power supply. Belkin International, founded in 1983 and headquartered in California has been a pioneer in designing high quality surge protectors for the past two decades.

The most popular and reliable surge protector manufactured by Belkin so far is the Belkin Compact Surge Protector. It defends your computers, appliances and other valuable electronic devices from surges and spikes in the electrical supply. The inimitable, compact design is unobtrusive and easy to hide behind couches or under a table or at any place where space is premium. Its narrow size keeps wired mess to a minimum and is easy to keep out of the way. The base of the surge protector has two screw holes so that the strip can be mounted on a wall vertically or horizontally in addition to being placed flat on a floor.  Measuring roughly 10.5″ long x 3.5″ tall x 4.0″ across the base, the Compact Surge Protector has a total of eight outlets.

Four of its eight outlets are block space sized which means it can handle oversized AC plugs and this exclusive features adds substantial flexibility to this unique product of Belkin. It has plastic sliding covers safeguarding the unused ports from dust and inquisitive children and pets. It also comes with means to protect phone, fax and modem lines from power surges. These Belkin Surge protectors can even enter through telephone lines to damage sensitive electronic devices. By using this protection, you can absolutely guarantee the safety of your telecommunications devices against electrical disturbances. It has two LED status indicators. The red one will glow to indicate if there is a ground-wiring problem in your home which can be taken care of by an electrician and the green one will glow to indicate that surge protection is working fine. However  if it does not glow at all then it means that the Belkin Surge Protector was sacrificed to protect your equipment and should be replaced. In the later case a free replacement would be provided by the company if you report it to them accordingly.

Belkin’s travel surge protector is another example of robust design and will be your safest bet as far as portable surge protectors are concerned. It protects your notebook or laptop whenever it is plugged into a power outlet or phone jack. This device has a short power cord of its own and a 6-foot phone cord which suitably can be pulled back when not in use. If things do not work out as desired, Belkin’s Connected Equipment and Data Recovery Warranty covers damaged hardware or software up to a value of $75,000.

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