Versatility of the Apple iPad

 In April 2010, Apple yet again shocked the world of consumer electronics by releasing its first version of iPad. The apple IPad was released amid wild rumors and speculations spanning for nearly ten years, some even named it as ‘Apple’s tablet’ or more specifically iSlate and iCanvas. But as sweared by the manufacturer during the launch it has truly lived up to the expectations of the computing world or may have even surpassed the same. In its early days it was disparaged as a mere larger version of the iPod touch but Apple proved its critics damn wrong pretty soon by selling an astronomical number (three million) of this device in 3 months from its release. Apple released its second version of apple I Pad (I Pad 2) in March 2011.

It’s a touch screen tablet designed in the line of tablet computers. It has a 9.7-inch, 1024 x 768, capacitive, multitouch LED-backlit display. The screen had been meticulously designed so that it can operate by bare fingers although special Apple made styli are available for this use. The screen is surrounded by a thick bezel that prevents the touchscreen from being unconsciously activated. The sleek aluminium shield on the back feels great under the fingers. Advanced in built function lets the screen to rotate in all the four directions, a trait missing in the iPhone and iPod touch. As far as the internals are concerned it is powered by a 1 GHz Apple A4 system. There is a 256 MB RAM inside.

The apple IPad 2 is even faster with an A5 system on a chip along with 512 MB RAM. It has a mild speaker that basically works well but yes they do not blow like trumpets and hence not suitable for parties. It is a great e reader with simple but smart layout to please even the most strident critic. Its virtual keyboard is faster than that of a smart phone but when compared to a net book it has a less typing speed. Web browsing and e mailing experience is pretty comfortable on this platform. No hiccups have been reported till date while switching from one account to another. Though not an exact gamer’s paradise but it has the potential to become commercially huge in the gaming world more so because 3D games look quite exotic on its 9.7 inch screen. The Wi-Fi chip is faster than that of an iphone. Ipad2 has a 720p HD camera at the front and a VGA-quality still camera of 0.3 MP. The built in lithium ion polymer battery is responsible for an excellent battery life pertaining to ten hours of video playing ability.

However there are few aspects which may not be loved by the users. Absence of USB ports and no flash during web browsing are few of those which have raised the eyebrows of critics.

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