The Ultimate Year Plan for the Bride

‘If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail’. That’s a motto that every bride-to-be has probably pondered ever since she was proposed to. So if you are one of the lucky ladies who are planning their wedding this year or for the next, here is a little help from your favourite website. But getting ready for your wedding does not only mean looking at flower arrangements, choosing the best canapes to have at the cocktal hour, and placing the guests at tables where they will all get on, oh no. If you have timed it right, you should have approximately a year to get your skin glowing, your hair looking lustrous and healthy, your body toned and fit, and your face as wrinkle proof as you can. To this affect, we have designed a year plan to get you into tip-top condition so that you really are the one everybody is admiring as you walk down the aisle. Now ready, let’s go!

One Year

This is the time to make your bridal beauty budget and put in all your spa treatments, your hair appointments and your gym memberships etc. This way, all your beauty and salon visits are accounted for right from the start. First off, have a good look at your skin and highlight any problem areas. Start by getting facials that address these problems, whether they be oily, dry or spot prone skin. You should aim for a deep cleansing facial once every 4-6 weeks, and get yourself started on a strict skincare regimen that includes cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. Now is also the time to start looking at what hair styles you will want for the big day. If you’re looking at having long, flowing hair on your wedding day, this is the perfect time to start growing it out. Have the ends at least trimmed every 6 weeks to take care of split ends. Health wise, create a long-term lifestyle change in terms of your diet. Try to include more raw greens and ripe fruit into your daily foods by adding them to a morning smoothie.

6 Months

Maintain your skins hydration and do not forget to use a night moisturising cream for extra help. Your skin repairs itself when you sleep, so it is very beneficial to apply a nourishing serum and moisturizer before bed. Start to narrow down your hairstyle options to three favorites. Whether you’re debating an elegant updo, whimsical braids, or loose waves, drop by a salon and try them all. Now is the time to fully commit yourself to a healthy diet. Besides your morning smoothie, try to eat at least one large salad a day, and cut out sweet fizzy drinks, refined sugars, carbs, and keep animal fats to a minimum. Exercise should also be part of your daily routine and one that incorporates both cardio and strength-building. Add daily meditation and breathing exercises that will help you maintain control over stress.

3 Months

Get any extra grooming procedures booked in at this time, such as laser hair removal, brow waxing or threading, or teeth whitening. At three months you should also be booking your official hair and makeup appointments. If you like fiddling about with your own hair, try the three favourite styles you chose previously and start practising them at home. Don’t worry if a full on volume look does not seem obtainable, you can always get hair extensions or clip in hair for the day. The important thing is to practise before it.

1 Week

Now the final week before the wedding is going to seem like a blur and choatic, but remember the small things like touching up your hair color, the final pluck of eye brows, a wax of your bikini line, everything! Get yourself booked in for a gentle facial but ask for a recommended one for sensitive skin or one that you have used before. This is not the time to experiment with new products. Give your hair a super-shine moisturising treatment with a hydrating hair mask. They’re fantastic and make your hair amazingly shiny. Food-wise, it is really time to get to grips with an ultra low-calorie diet and be strict about it. Also, try to give caffeine a break, too. Caffeine can increase stress levels and lead to undereye puffiness and circles.

2 Days

It’s time to reat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure and allow yourself a relaxing and opulent massage to destress you for the big day. If you have any engagements before the wedding then keep make up and hair to a minimum. Do not wash your hair until the big day and only wear a smattering of make up. Above all, get a good nights rest.

The Wedding Day

Now go and get them gorgeous!

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