The trench coats – a fall staple

The fashionable trench coats

The fashionable trench coats

Referring to previous times, a trench coat was basically described as a long jacket, mostly made up of waterproof fabrics, be it the heavy cotton and poplin drill or the leather. In today’s fashion terms, trench coat is an eternal classic piece of style mostly preferred by girls, during the autumn.

Initially, trench coats were used as alternatives to the heavy serge coats worn by the British and French soldiers during the First World War. By researches, Thomas Burberry, the inventor of gabardine fabric, was the first designer of these coats for the army of the United Kingdom. Later, the design of these coats was modified by adding on shoulder straps, additional buttons and the D-rings. To give them a more apprehensive look, these coats were started to be made with khaki beige and even black fabric.

Trench coats for men

Trench coats for men

Fashion, as to most of the men sounds a very odd term. Just like any other apparels, trench coats for the men are very basic and quiet easy to choose. Most of the trench coats for the men are made using wool gabardine, heavy cotton or leather. They have a double-breasted front with eight to ten buttons, a single vent, raglan sleeves, the shoulder tabs, D-ring belt and gun and cuff straps and mostly made in dark colours.

Trench coats look great on women than the men. Today, trench coats for the women are available in various patterns, fabrics, sizes and colours. Considering the fabric for the trench coat, lighter fabrics like the cotton blends, silk, polyester and rayon is a wiser choice for the early springs and for the cold mornings, bringing in warm noon. Heavier fabrics like the wool blends, condensed cottons and tweeds are ideal for the late winters, as these fabrics bring in warmth to your body. Likewise, choose a water-resistant material for your trench during seasons of increasing rainfalls. Always consider to choose a trench with a hood for such climates.

Trench coats are available in enormous sizes. Choosing a trench coat for yourself precisely depends on what you are going to pair it up with. If a trench coat is to be paired up with tight trousers, a short length trench is an ideal to the pair. A long trench coat (mid-calf or just few inches below the knee) basically goes well with the long boots or may be even over skirts. Functionally, long trenches provide better protection against natural elements like wind dusts.

Trench coats come in various patterns. Most of the trench coats be it for the men or women, are belted. This is one of the features that have never changed since the invention of a trench coat. Optionally, trench coats for women may have long collars, double rows of buttons, zippers, lapels, hoods (also detachable), pockets, cropped sleeves and come with a cut at the knee (especially for the short length trench coats).

Emma Watson wearing a trench coat

Emma Watson wearing a trench coat

The choice of the colour of your trench coat generally depends on your preferences and tastes. It is always better to choose mid-calf trenches of neutral colours like black, jet blues, or the darker tones of grey if you are using the trench coat as your daily outgoing wear. Occasionally, you may also wear stylish and elegant colours like the creams or the ivory or may be even the brighter colours like the corals, light green hues or the dashing reds.

By my personal experience, I recommend not just wearing, but taking care of the trenches is also as important as wearing them. Trenches, like the other outwears, must be cleaned seasonally. They must be kept quiet safe from insects. You could ensure this safety by pushing in moth balls or insect preventives into your wardrobe. It was a time I folded up my trenches, leaving them uncared for a couple of seasons, not realizing the consequence I may land up in.

I lost the beautiful  colours  of the trenches by leaving them unprotected, as well, left  an invitation to the insects to snack on one of my finest clothing just by not adding insects preventives into my collection. I have learnt my lesson the hard way. It is important to maintain your trench coats and every preventive measure you take today will help you in increasing the life of your coat tomorrow!

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