The Traditions involved with Halloween

There are countless traditions that are associated with the Halloween festive. This old holiday festivity involves the display of different activities across the world. Though they may be known by different names, the cultures of the traditions are more like the same. Some of the oldest traditions that people still carry out during the Halloween holiday include trick or treat, the craving of Jack-o-Lantern, costume dressing and a lot more.

Trick or treat originated from the Celtic people who used to leave food outside their homes in order to satisfy the ghosts of the dead and in return trick them into not entering their homes. Today, children mostly play trick or treat by moving from one house to another collecting sweet from the houses. Another tradition associated with Halloween is the present of witches and black cats. During Halloween today, most community centers will use the symbols of witches to make the festivity. In the ancient times it was believed that during Halloween, witches from all over the world will come to party at a central place. It is said that the party was hosted by the devil. During this time the witches would also cast spells on the living.

The curving of jack-o-lantern is one of the most famous symbols of Halloween. This tradition is said to have started as a remembrance of jack. Jack was a drunk and a joker who somehow tricked devil into climbing the tree. He was to later on trap the devil on top of the tree by curving the cross symbol on the tree’s trunk thus making the devil unable to climb down. Jack made a deal with the devil that he would let him down put in return he was never to tempt him again.

After his death, it is rumored that Jack was denied entrance both in heaven and in hell. He was denied the entrance in heaven due to his sinful ways and in hell as he tricked devil. But, the devil has given him an ember to help lighten his way during the winter season. Jack placed the light inside the hollowed-out turnip in order to make sure it is burning for long. With time, the Irish found the use of pumpkins to replace the turnip to be more plentiful and that why the pumpkin is used as the official Jack-o-lantern to this date.

When it comes to love, it was believed during the ancient times that during Halloween, maidens were in favor of knowing who their future husbands would be. They just had to do a number of things in order for this to happen. The most common practice involved a girl taking a lamp to a spring during the night of Halloween and the reflection from the water would show their future husbands. Another love believes involves a maiden putting rosemary leaves and a silver coin under her pillow at night and in return she would dream of the man who will marry her in the future.


Apart from the ancient traditions of Halloween, there have been some modern traditions that have been introduced to the festival. The most common is the act of visiting haunted houses. Originally this was a way of bring more income to an individual. With time, the activity is now associated with trying to raise money for non-profit organizations who give back to the community in one way or another. The most popular of all traditions of Halloween would be dressing up in costumes. Even though it has changed from the animal skin to celebrity inspired costumes, the idea is still the same.

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