The Top Five websites that really can save you money

Here on Shoppersbase we love a bargain, and we like money saving tips, but what we don’t like are useless websites that promise fantastic savings and then do not deliver. With this in mind we have scoured the internet in search of the very best money saving websites, that do exactly what they boast on their home pages. So whether you are after great cash-back offers, good deals on petrol or simple money saving tips, check out our Five Best sites and watch the savings mount up!


Martin Lewis, the face behind this website is passionate about saving money, and one look at this site and it certainly shows. There are tips on getting the best credit card, what bank account to choose, ISA’s, PPI claims, traveling money saving tips and much more. You can also get some great voucher codes and shopping deals once you sign up to the site. It has been online for over 10 years now and gets an estimated 13 million hits every month! A good site for finance advice and shopping offers.


This is a great website for anyone who wants to compare the prices of your supermarket shopping, without traveling to each individual store. It will tell you the best price from a host of supermarkets, including Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Boots and Waitrose, amongst many others. There is also a ‘Savvy Buy’ tool which lets you know what products have fallen in price by 30% or more.


This is a simple to use site that lists what you are searching for, where it is available and at the cheapest price. It features over 1000 retailers and millions of products. Ideal for one off bigger purchases that you want the best deal for.


For cash-back lovers this is the best site on the internet, and also the most popular. All you do is sign up, buy what you would have done anyway through the site, and as it is the retailers pay Quidco a commission, you get this discount straight into your bank account. We think that it is a much better system than some of the cash-back deals you see on products, where you have to apply for the cash-back from different sites.


Fuel is a major concern for people at the moment, and for good reason, with rising costs adding an additional £5 to filling a 50L tank, we are all looking for a good price on petrol. What some people do not know is that prices are not fixed nationally, and can vary from region to region. Simply pop your postcode into the box and the site will automatically tell you the nearest garage, offering the cheapest price on fuel.

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