The top 3 gifts for a house warming ceremony

It is a great feeling when you receive an invite from your close friends or family for a house warming ceremony. It always feels good when someone you know closely has just moved into a new house and you give him hearty wishes by gifting him special cum needy gifts at his house warming ceremony. You can gift anything; preferably the things he actually needs for his new house. Here are a few thoughts on what could be a great gift for a house warming event.

A new house needs a lot of things to get it decorated. So here you have choices of gifting your friend any antique item of décor. To be specific, you could choose lamps, impressive candle stands, any colorful piece of artwork, a set of home decors, finest crockery (ideal for a female friend), shot glasses or a set of margarita glasses, a centre piece for their table with flowers in it, the beautiful wind chimes, or something more expensive like a toaster, a kitchen aid mixer etc. If it is something to decide on for a male friend, no choice is as good as a bottle of beer. Other than beer, you have choices of a wine rack, a key rack or a gift basket of men’s products, a set of tools or garden kit or even paint supplies. www.homedepot.com can provide you some great alternatives. Here is a list to the top 3 and most appreciated gifts by many,


This is one of the most cutest and ideal gift for the occasion. According to Japanese myth, bonsai brings in a ray of luck and prosperity to your home. So let your friend be gifted this ray of luck from you. Also a bonsai tree can be kept as a piece of home decoration as it adds up an aesthetic look to your house interior. You could purchase a readymade bonsai tree from any handicraft gallery or just set up a bonsai tree, just few days before you are invited for a house warming ceremony.


This gift, though a little expensive, will be a great one to be gifted for a new house. This robotic vacuum cleaner goes all round the house, cleaning all by itself. Your friend will surely adore this gift as it will reduce, in fact take up the whole of her house cleaning work. You can pick any of these cleaners, depending on the size you prefer and the amount you desire to invest in.


This could sound a small gift, but will seem of a great help to your friends. Gifting an information package will help your friend adjust at an ease in the new area. In this package you could include information about the neighborhood, such as map of the area, ideal schools nearby, markets around, nearest gas station, numbers of laundry, paper boys and dairy, list of good family restaurants with their addresses and other stuff like such. This package will make your friend understand the new area and live in there easily.

There are a few things one should try to avoid when choosing a gift for a house warming. Like, when you choose something try buying stuff what your friend would like rather than what you like. It is not very unique to gift cards, but if you prefer to do so, choose big but simple cards. Also avoid gifting food items as they are not right to be gifted for occasions. Never gift live pets as this is one of the oddest gifts of all. If you are invited by a family of children, choose some gifts in the preferences of children. Or choose take gift for the friend and also carry a basket of chocolates or junkies for the little ones.

House warming gifts need not really be expensive. You might just gift some flowers or scented candles too. The point is the thought that goes behind the gift. A gift will be treasured if it has a meaning to the occasion or event and was purchased by keeping in mind the likes and needs of the person for whom it is intended to.

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