The top 10 things to see in the UK

With many gorgeous places to be seen in the UK, it’s amazing to hear of the huge amount of people jetting off abroad

Big Ben in London

Big Ben in London

this summer. Do people even realise how little they’ve seen of their own countries? Read on to find out ten of the top things to see in the UK.

1. The London Eye- After seven years of hard work, the London Eye finally became up and running. With views as far as 25 miles away, going on the London Eye is a great way to look over London and beyond. With over 3.5 million visitors every year, it’s a definite attraction.

2. Tower Bridge, London- As one of the most famous suspension bridges around, the Tower Bridge in London has been open since 1984. After undergoing a £4m facelift a few years ago, it is definitely a sight to be seen.

3. Castles- England has many different castles all over the place, from Dover to London. With some dating back to the 12th century, they’re a part of the countries’ history.

4. Stonehenge- Over 5000 years old, Stonehenge is a mysterious stone circle. Although its main purpose has been lost through time, it remains standing and has been visited by many.

5. The Lake District- Deemed one of the most beautiful places in the country, the combination of hills, mountains and grassy areas make The Lake District the place of relaxation.

6. Hadrian’s Wall- Named as a result of a Roman Emperor called Hadrian creating a defensive zone across Britain, Hadrian’s Wall stands firm for just over 70 miles.

7. Stratford-Upon-Avon- This area is one of the most popular tourist attractions in England, mainly as a result of Shakespeare. Here you’ll be able to see the houses connected to him, as well as the local Parish Church both Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway are buried at.

8. Winchester- This is one of England most historic towns, with local cathedrals that are full of character. There’s plenty of history for tourists to flock to see here.

9. Westminster Palace- A historical place since the 11th century, Westminster Palace is a working Government building, with Big Ben clock tower being viewed from one side of the building.

10. Natural History Museum- Exhibiting many natural collections, the National History has something for everyone, from youngsters wanting to see extinct animals, to adults grabbing a piece of history for themselves.

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