The top 10 places to visit in the world

Some say the world is your oyster, and it most definitely is. Covering such a huge amount of space, containing hundreds of different countries, travelling is the way to go. Read on to find out about the top 10 places to visit in the world:

  1. Albania– offering many heritage sits, great food, and dreamy beaches, Albania is definitely a must-see during your


    lifetime. With affordable adventures meaning you can explore, choose whether to simply stumble across beautiful views or plan exactly where you’re going.
  2. Cape Verde– a tiny country just off the coast of South Africa, Cape Verde is mountainous and exciting, offering breath taking water sports to keep everyone amused.
  3. Brazil famous mainly for football, Brazil is well known as a country of celebration. With varied cuisine and religion playing a large part in the country, it’s easy to recognise the tradition in Brazil.
  4. Panama– after the world economic crisis, Panama was basically reset as a country, with it still remaining roadless and boasting a huge amount of wildlife. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for somewhere more remote.
  5. Vanuatu– this is one of the most authentic places you could visit. With mountains and villages, as well as a somewhat unlikely nightlife scene, Vanuatu has something for everyone.
  6. Bulgaria– bulgaria is being visited by more and more people every year. Enjoyed as a result of its cheaper prices, when compared with other holiday destinations, it suits every pocket.
  7. Italy– a truly charismatic country to visit, Italy is modern yet traditional, dependant upon what part of Italy you choose to visit. After celebrating just over 150 years as a country this year, it is up and coming to say the least.
    Italy Rome colosseum

    Italy Rome colosseum

  8. Syria– although Syria has been modernised over the last decade or so, tradition is still evident. With open-air museums to visit, as well as being offered second to none hospitality, Syria won’t disappoint.
  9. Tanzania– offering gorgeous sunsets in idyllic surroundings, you’d have to be crazy to never visit Tanzania in your life. With many beautiful parks to relax in, this gorgeous country will definitely have a surprise or two for you.
  10. Japan– made slightly more famous after Tokyo was rejected for its Summer Olympics 2016 bid, Japan is an extremely cultured place to visit, although few Japanese natives speak fluent English.

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