The Tamagotchis – popular in the 1990s and now it’s back

TamagotchisThe first Tamagotchis were released in 1996 back when the Spice Girls had number one hits with Wannabe and 2 become 1.

Handheld digital pets, Tamagotchis were created in Japan and released by Bandai. Now the toy and video games maker has announced Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. will soon be available as an app, to download from Google Play and the Apple Store for iPhone and Android.

The original game sold a staggering 78m units across the globe, allowed players to see their virtual pet hatch onscreen before they had to look after it by remembering to press buttons to make sure it had enough food, water, affection and sleep.

The new app is expected to include a Retro Mode offering features broadly in line with the original game, as well as extra and more Tamagotchi app imageadvanced options along with companion mini games.

In a statement, Bandai, which also makes Ben 10 and Power Rangers toys, said: “The original Tamagotchi was first released 16 years ago and took the world by storm. Everyone had a Tamagotchi and loved taking care of their digital pets. The new Tamagotchi app will feature the same gameplay you know and love with a number of exciting new features.”

The app features a new collection archive where you can save and collect each Tamagotchi you raise. Players will also be able to unlock new virtual outer shells for their TamagotchisTamagotchi app pic

Looking back at the history of Tamagotchi on its blog, Bandai explains: “Where did all this excitement begin? To understand Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. let’s take a look where it all started. It all began in the 1990’s. Named by melding the Japanese word for egg, “tamago,” with the English language word “watch,” the Tamagotchi became an “overnight” phenomenon by capturing first the attention and, ultimately, the heart of all who touched the colorful orbs. By the time Bandai released the wave of addictive creature-raising interplay in the U.S., Tamagotchi became the must-have product for millions of young fans who took on the challenge and responsibility of parenting these living digital beings.”

The firm says it is that enthusiasm for the brand which led Bandai to release the game as an app and a range of lifestyle products. L.i.f.e. apparently stands for “love is fun everywhere”.

Tamagotchi appIt is encouraging fans to share their Tamagotchi memories on the Bandai website and already lots of posts have been uploaded. One user said: “I loved Tamagotchi as a little girl and love it even more today.”

Another added: “When I was in the 3rd grade, all my friends had Tamagotchis. I instantly wanted one.” And another user said: “Back in 4th grade, Tamagotchis were the most amazing things ever. In fact, kids used to give them as confession gifts to their crushes during school. If you really liked someone you would give them a Tamagotchi and confess.”

No details have been given about a release date yet for the app, but fans of Tamagotchi shouldn’t have to wait too long as Bandai has said it will be coming soon.

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