The Style Guide: How to dress if you are a Voluptuous Lady

Are you sized between an 18 to 28 or larger? Do you find it hard to source flattering fashionable clothes that fit you and make you feel and look gorgeous? Have you put on a little weight recently or do you have a naturally rounded tummy or big bottom? If you are genuinely happy with your weight then there’s no need to diet – you can still look gorgeous if you know how to dress for your size. Just as skinny minnies have to look a little harder for flattering clothes to accentuate certain parts of their body, voluptuous ladies have to find ones that hide certain parts that theyre self-conscious about and draw attention to their assets. By knowing a few simple rules you can buy stylish clothes and make yourself look slimmer and sexier and heres how:

Get the Right Cut & Colour

Choose cuts that are full and straight, with no gathering around the stomach. Clothes that have a trapeze shape will enhance your chest without clinging to your stomach, and wear low-cut tops to draw attention away from your stomach. In profile, people will then see the shape of your chest rather than the shape of your stomach. Create a vertical effect to lengthen your figure by wearing clothes that flow from the shoulders or under the bust, whether you have round hips or a big bust. It is true that dark colours are slimming so go for black, grey, khaki, dusky red, taupe and even navy blue. Dark colours reduce volume, but make sure you wear ones that suit you. You can wear prints but stick to them on one item of clothing.

The Right Accessories

Invest in a pair of stomach-flattening tights.They come in all colours and range from very thin to opaque. They support and pull in tums and are ideal under skirts or shorts. You can even wear light-coloured ones for spring. Belts can help to create a waist or make your waist look smaller. Wear a large leather belt in a dark colour over your skirts, dresses or even a trench, or wear a loose belt that rests on your hips. For jewellery – big is better as larger ladies can often swamp small delicate pieces of jewellery. So go for bold, iconic statement pieces and don’t be afraid to double up on items such as bangles and necklaces. You can get away with it. Tunics are very forgiving as they sit nicely on the shoulders and flow down over the stomach to conceal it. Choose a good quality fabric with bold prints however and not a cheap, synthetic one that may cling to you or shrink in the wash. Wear with jeans or linen trousers in summer for a casual look. Straight jackets are great to hide a bit of a tum as they structure and lengthen the figure. Even buttoned up, they don’t make you look big. However, don’t go too long if you’re short.


Never wear low rise jeans as these create the ubiquitous muffin tops we all see, hanging over the waist band; not a good look, especially if you are over a certain age! Instead, go for high waist jeans as they enhance your shape, especially your bum and flatten your stomach at the same time. Make sure they fit properly though, even if it means you going up a size, (if they’re too small they’ll make you look podgy). Remember, no one knows what the size is when you have them on, but they’ll see if they look too small on you. Go for zips rather than visible buttons as the buttons can look stretched and zips tend to lie flat. Team with a chunky heeled boot to add length and height.

What to Avoid

Don’t want to look like the Michelin Man? Then don’t wear bomber jackets. For a start they’re too short, the bottom of the jacket may not even cover your stomach and secondly, who needs puffy clothes when you are already carrying a few extra pounds? Also avoid wearing short denim or leather jackets and jackets with lots of buttons and zips which look thick. You can wear big prints but not on parts of your body that you do not want to draw attention to. So, if you have a large bust, wear the bold prints on the bottom half, or, if you have a bigger bottom area, opt for bold prints on your top half and have a plain, neutral colour on the bottom. And no slogan tees shirts either! Layering just adds volume which you do not need so avoid that. Instead, go for longer waistcoats that hide big hips, round buttocks and tums as they fall just below the bum. Wear with jeans and heels to avoid looking like your grandad.

For more inspiration, take a look at these bootylicious ladies who are sexy and ooze confidence but never hide their voluptuous shapes. They may have a bit of a tummy, but they accept their bodies and show them off in front of millions.

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks, and Jessica Simpson,

*All pictures and clothing available to purchase courtesy of Anna Scholz

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