The Style Guide: How to dress if you are a Skinny Minny

If you are a dress size between 4 to 8 then you are officially classed as a skinny minny and are probably the envy of all your friends. But being so small and petite is not all its claimed to be. Stores tend to cater for the mid range of sizes so fall either side of this band you’ll be hard pressed to find clothes that are fashionable and yet fit you properly. So how do you dress a tiny size but still flatter a small frame? There are tricks of the trade so let me share them with you as a skinny size 8!

Create Curves

You need to be able to create curves where you want them. This can be at the bust by wearing a dress with ruffles or a large motif or print on the chest area, or you can wear wide leg trousers or bigger cuts to make you look larger. You can dare to wear very tight close cuts and team these with baggy layering, or try fabrics that have heavy texturing such as cable knit jumpers. If you are a size 4 or 8 there are affordable brands out there that specialise in petite sizes and do some very feminine pieces. You can contrast fabrics as well as prints to create a larger image. By using a polka dot next to stripes this will greatly enhance your figure and don’t forget that unlike larger ladies, you can layer upon layer with fabric and colour.

Using Colour & Print

Practically anything goes. Fashion houses always use women who are thin and colour blocking is all the rage at the present. So don’t shy away from wearing bright colours: dare to contrast orange and purple a la Cheryl Cole if you have the right colouring. If you want to look wider at the top, wear neutral/light colours on the bottom and play with contrast. If the reverse is true, swap them around and wear light tops and dark bottoms. Prints look great on you and you can go for huge motifs. You can also wear big bold horizontal stripes if you are tall.

What Accessories?

Don’t wear tiny little necklaces and small earrings, they will disappear on you. If you want to create a waist go for a wide belt in a contrasting colour. Scarves and shawls add volume and divert attention away from your figure. If you have very thin arms, wear a little scarf knotted around your neck rather than contrasting a thick shawl with thin arms. Wear big chunky bangles on your wrists and double them up for effect. If your wrists are really tiny, big bangles give an illusion of volume. As for shoes, wear platforms with a nice chunky heel to accentuate your height if you are short in stature, or try ballet pumps if you are taller.

What to Avoid

If you have quite skinny arms then stay away from blouses, dresses or tee shirts with no sleeves, you’ll look bony and thin. Instead, go for ¾ length or long sleeves and steer clear of spaghetti straps if you have a bony decolletage. Don’t wear v neck jumpers or tees, they highlight the veertical line of your body. Best to stick to square or round neck, remember to always try and create curves. Avoid flared mini skirts as these can make your legs look even thinner than they really are. Go for long ones that cover your legs and flatter you more. You could also try tulip shaped skirts or dresses with a scalloped hem and knitted dresses look fab with opaque tights.


A low waisted boot cut jean is the best for creating curves that are not there. Boot cuts make your buttocks round, and the new flared jeans are tight-fitting but flare out at the ankles. Do not wear skinny jeans as they will just make you look even more skinnier! Luckily wide trousers are now back in vogue so grab a pair and wear them with a long sleeved blouse or jumper. They fall perfectly on flat shoes or platforms if you’re short.

If you need any more inspiration, take a look at the following skinny celebrities who have never let their skinny status get them down.

Calista Flockhart, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Lara Flynn Boyle

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