De Stress With Pomegranate Juice

With our lives becoming ever more busy, less free time to enjoy ourselves and money worries increasing, stress levels are rising in people all over the UK if not the world. More often than not, people who become stressed turn to their doctors for relief and can end up dependant on anti anxiety drugs or take anti depressants for many years. Whilst in the short term this may not have serious health effects, the long term damage is still not known and patients would prefer not to have to take tablets for the rest of their lives. There can be natural alternatives however, and research by scientists, funded by the Pomegranate Juice Company, have shown that pomegranate juice can have stress relieving qualities. Several other studies have also confirmed that pomegranate juice helps to eliminate stress if consumed on a daily basis.

Tests showed in studies carried out by researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh that a daily glass containing 500ml of Pomegreat Pure pomegranate juice, consumed over a two-week period, significantly reduced stress levels in 60 volunteers. The volunteers were asked to fill in questionnaires and had their pulse rate measured before and after the study. They were reported as being more enthusiastic and less distressed after having the drink. Leading the study, Emad Al-Dujaili, said “on the basis of these findings there is a justified argument for busy workers to drink pomegranate juice to help alleviate chronic stress and maintain good health”

So what it is about pomegranates that have such beneficial health qualities? Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants. The red fruits contain all the beneficial antioxidants, including tannins, anthocyanins, and polyphenols. Antioxidants have been proven to be one of the keys to preventing debilitating diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration. This is because ounce for ounce, pomegranates have more antioxidants than green tea and red wine, therefore they have a stronger effect and you do not need to consume so much for the benefits to be shown. Other studies show that pomegranates can help in several health concerns. One study showed that drinking 1.7 ounces of pomegranate juice per day lowered systolic blood pressure by as much as 5 percent. Drinking pomegranate juice can also help prevent a cold altogether or, if you develop cold symptoms, you could shorten overall the time you’ll suffer. If you suffer from arthritis you’ll be glad to hear that research by the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland showed that by drinking the juice of pomegranates, people with arthritis reported less pain and inflammation in their joints. Apparently the extracts in pomegranate juice block enzymes that cause the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Pomegranate juice can also help to lower cholesterol, as it keeps the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) from oxidizing and it aids a healthy heart by thinning the blood thus preventing strokes.

So there are a lot of reasons to keep a bottle of pomegranate juice in your fridge, not less the fact that it tastes so good!

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