The Stars Endorse ‘Heal Gel’ – Advanced Formula Skin Gel

Dubbed ‘The Little Jar of Miracles’, new Heal Gel has been formulated by five leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons who joined forces to create, with a renowned biochemist, an advanced skin gel that helps to heal scarred, burned or bruised skin. And celebrities are putting their names to it. From Thandie Newton who says, “It’s an elixir of life.” To Mariella Frostrup who comments, “It is an essential part of my travel kit.” And Nigella Lawson who “Always keeps a pot of this to hand.” To finally David Duchovny who tells us that it is “Better than anything I’ve ever had.” So how does it work and is it any good?

Well, Heal Gel is used to treat post-operative scarring, keloid scars, blemishes and aged scar tissue as well as treating everyday injuries such as sprains, sunburn, bruising and many other inflammatory skin concerns such as eczema and psoriasis. It has ten active ingredients grouped into three working parties – the soothing group, the tissue repair group and the anti-scarring group.

The Soothing Group contains:

Three plant-derived anti-inflammatories which has been shown in clinical trails to significantly reduce bruising and swelling. When the smallest of your body’s blood vessels are damaged they let blood leak into the cells around, and as the haemoglobin in the seepage breaks down it discolours the skin – result, bruises. A peptide which is a little chain of amino acids, like proteins but shorter, in fact so tiny they can be absorbed by skin. It maintains the nerve cells so they don’t burn or itch so much. It has been shown in studies to work as a mild local pain reliever. And another anti-inflammatory, derived from yeast. which also actively renews cells and helps them breathe more easily.

The Repair Group contains:

More peptides which have been shown to help repair the surface and undersurface layers of the skin, and stimulate the undersurface cells to make the protein collagen. Another peptide whose job is to encourage the enzyme SIRT1, which helps regulate the way cells age and deal with stress. A compound that tells the signalling enzymes of the body to pass on the message to regenerate the surface and undersurface skin layers and produce more collagen.

The Anti-Scarring Group contains:

A silicone that stays on the surface of the skin as a gel and seals it, so that the rest of the ingredients can work undisturbed. It also softens and flattens the visible surface of the wound. Plastic surgeons have used silicones for years to improve scars, and they are very successful in flattening early, red scars when the wound has fully healed. An amino acid, a big part both of collagen and of elastin, the protein that controls the elasticity of connective tissue fibres. It has been shown to help keep damaged tissue from losing its texture and stretchiness.

All this in one little pot. But it does seem to address the main causes of scarring and healing that other creams do not, and it has the necessary ingredients to make the most stubborn of bruising and scars fade and disappear. I guess the only proof is to try it ourselves. If anyone has tried it please leave a comment below. We’d be delighted to hear from you. to buy go to www.feelunique.com or www.amazon.co.uk, it costs £33.50 per jar.

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