The Spoutnik Microwave that looks like a mini space ship

We’re not sure why you’d really want to watch your food being cooked in the microwave. But, just in case you do, a new space-age style oven offers you a 360 degree view of its interior.

Looking like something that could have just dropped from outer space onto your kitchen counter, and with a name to match, the new Spoutnik microwave will add a unique look to the most-used room of the house.

When you think about it, since Microwaves became common kitchen appliances from the late 1970s, there’s not much that’s changed about them. They’ve become increasingly smaller, but still the same rectangular shape with the door at the front. So, it’s probably about time they had a revamp.

Looking a little bit like one of the new-style baby bottle sterilisers, Spoutnik has a transparent dome design.

It illuminates itself when you start cooking, changing from red as your dish starts to warm to blue when it’s ready to eat. There’s also the usual microwave beep just in case you’re in another room.

The dome lid lifts up to a 65-degree angle so, not only is it easy to remove your dish from the microwave, it’s also easy to get into all those nooks and crannies to properly clean it out.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find space for the Spoutnik in your kitchen, particularly if you’re used to a larger rectangular model, as it is only 36.9 cm wide, 32.7 cm tall and 42.9 cm deep, so it should sit on your worktop with lots of space to spare.

The Spoutnik isn’t meant for cooking large amounts as its total capacity is just 23 litres, but if you only use your microwave for warming up the odd bowl of soup or jug of custard, it could provide a good solution.

There are three different colour combinations, so you can choose the one which best fits in with your décor, or you can decide to match the rest of the little appliances in your kitchen – your kettle, toaster and coffee machine – with your new microwave. There’s a choice of either green, blue or purple.

The device isn’t the most powerful microwave on the market, which is perhaps understandable given its small size. But it still has a high temperature of 700w and a low of 500w. It also comes with defrost and re-heat functions.

The new device is made by Fagor, a large domestic and commercial appliances manufacturer, which is based in the Basque Country, Spain.

Consumer bible Which? has already reviewed the dome-shaped device, saying it is “unlike any other microwave we’ve seem. Unlike traditional rectangular ovens, the Spoutnik is circular and incorporates a 360 degree lid that lifts up to reveal your food. Available in violet, blue or green, this space-age inspired microwave is sure to provide a splash of colour to your kitchen.”

And gadget site ohgizmo says: “You buy the Spoutnik just because it looks unlike any other microwave oven, which is enough a reason to buy anything, really.”

The Spoutnik Microwave retails for between £179 and £225.

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