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Fears that Apple’s legal victory over rival Samsung could result in fewer smartphone options for consumers may have been voiced since the historic court ruling.

But, at least for the time being, we seem to be about to be inundated with smartphone choices.

Many of the world’s biggest technology companies are expected to unveil new products within the next few weeks.

Events have been scheduled by Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft, Motorola and Amazon – which can only mean one thing, they all have something they want to show off.

Here we take a look at what to expect, and from whom, over the coming weeks.

Nokia and Microsoft

This partnership could gain inroads into Apple’s smartphone dominance when it unveils the first ever Windows 8 smartphone in New York at the beginning of September. The sticking point for them though may be the price, with experts predicting they may find it difficult to bring in their Windows 8 phone below $200.

Google Motorola

Going head to head with Nokia and Microsoft with a press conference on the same day, September 5, Motorola is set to hold an event with the mobile network Verizon. Rumour has it that Motorola will be launching Droid Razr HD which is expected to have an impressive 720p HD screen.


The South Korean firm may still be licking its wounds after being ordered to pay more than £1bn in damages to Apple for patent infringements,  but that certainly doesn’t mean Samsung is out of the game. Already, it has launched its Galaxy S3, which has been lauded by critics and snapped up by consumers. And, at an event in Berlin at the end of August, Samsung is widely tipped to be announcing the Galaxy Note 2. This will update its predecessor, which is a sort of smartphone/tablet hybrid.


Not to be left out of the autumn technology rush, Amazon is holding an event of its own in September where it is believed it will roll out a brand new version of its Kindle Fire tablet. The Kindle Fire 2 is set to be a more powerful device, with a front-facing camera and micro USB port. The move is being seen as a bid to stop the Google Nexus 7 from gaining too much of the market Amazon sees should be its own. Speculation has also been mounting that the company could be unveiling its first ever mobile phone.


This one’s by no means as definite as its competitors’ events. But surely the world’s most dominant force in the smartphone market will be making some sort of announcement this autumn on its upgrade plans. The iPhone 5 is being hotly anticipated, as is a smaller version of its ever-popular iPad.

With all these new gadgets flooding the market, it’s going to make choosing what to ask Santa for this year a pretty difficult decision.

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