The Six Best Ways to Spend Time in Barbados

Ever fancied living the life of a pirate? Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” may make you want to chuck it all in and find your own Black Pearl. If you are more interested in the Caribbean part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” then consider a nice break in Barbados to relax and unwind.

Go Treasure Hunting

What makes Barbados truly unique is the fact that it is a limestone island, not a coral one and this means that there are magnificent caves to explore all over the island. (Who knows, maybe Captain Jack Sparrow left some booty in one of them.)

Why the Rum?

Who goes to the Caribbean, pirate or not, and does not sample the rum? On Barbados you can tour the Mount Gay Rum Distillery and get to test some proper Caribbean rum. Check out how it is made to get some ideas for your own home distillery or just get to know the different types of rum.

Go on Safari

There is a lot to see on this tropical paradise. Arrange a safari style tour around the island and enjoy the wildlife.

Embrace your Inner Beach Bum

The beaches are marvellous and deserve to have tourists draped all over them. Get in there and get bronzed up. Soak up the sun or dip your toes into the warm Caribbean ocean.

Take to the Sea

If, once you get there, your dreams of being Captain Jack Sparrow are rekindled, take to the sea. There are several boats and cruises to choose from. As we all know, Captain Jack is not extremely fussy about his ship – as long as it is crewed. Did Captain Jack really escape from the deserted island by harnessing two turtles? Look out for the turtles in the water and ask them.

Under the Sea

The island is surrounded by a fabulously rich sea life. Dive into the warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and enjoy a break from the stresses of the day. So, whether you decide to be a pirate or not, Barbados has something to offer you. Give it a go.

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