The Secrets to Successful Night-Training

Night-training is an intimidating idea to many people. Even though potty-training may have gone very well, it involves a conscious child. Night-training involves sleeping, which may make it impossible for your child to keep track of whether or not they need the loo. As such, it can be a bit more difficult and, in all honesty, you’ll need to resign yourself to your child’s schedule to some degree. But a variety of products offer help for parents seeking to night-train their children with the smallest possible amount of trouble, and those are outlined here.

First and foremost are the training pads. These pads are whisper-thin and fit between your child’s mattress and sheet. Should there be a night-time accident, the pad will soak it up and all you have to do is wash the sheet. These pads are invaluable in night-training, and buying a good few of them is a good idea no matter whether your child seems to have night-trained him- or herself or is struggling a bit with the concept.

DryNites are a cross between a nappy and a pair of underpants, and fit seamlessly under your child’s pyjamas. They offer a wonderful solution that fits in with a life of sleepovers, and can prevent a lot of embarrassment. If you do decide to use these, ensure your child has a solution for storage; wet DryNites need to be kept in a plastic bag so your child’s luggage isn’t covered in wee, and making sure this process is discreet helps your child to save face in front of their friends.

It’s important to remember that children usually become dry in their own time, and that this can take years after potty-training successfully takes place. If you have concerns, speak to your child’s doctor, but be aware that it is perfectly common for children to continue night-wetting up until quite an advanced age.

Keeping the pressure low and making sure your child does not feel shamed or reprimanded for having a night-time accident will help you to achieve the best results, and allow your child to proceed happily throughout the process. Night-wetting is not a conscious choice, and as such your child can’t be faulted for its occurrence. Remember to act patient and understanding; these items will make it easier as you’ll not find yourself overwhelmed by the bed-cleaning routine.

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