The Scent of Spring in New Fragrances for 2012

The start of a new year always brings out a clutch of brand new fragrances from the major fashion houses, and this year is no exception. With Stella McCartney designing a beautiful scent in memory of her mother Linda, Burberry with their nod to mellow summer fruits and Nina Ricci doing what she does best, concocting up a sweet fruity blend of spring flowers, you will be hard pressed this year to choose a favourite. So who have really pushed the boundaries this spring and who have stuck to their tried and trusted old signature smells? Well, we were surprised to see that many perfumes on the market this season had taken their iconic scent and either given it a modern twist, or completely reinvented something new. And with our readers in mind, we have chosen the eight best scents of spring to inspire you away from your usual spritz. Have a look at what we’ve chosen and see if you’re not just a little bit tempted!

DKNY – Sweet Delicious – £36

If you loved the original DKNY scents, you’ll adore this fresh new one. The collection contains three sweet scents: Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime and Creamy Meringue. The fragrances are inspired by recipes for creamy cup cakes. The Key Lime scent is super zesty with a touch of orange, mandarin and lime blazing through it. Fabulous if you like your smells fruity and uplifting. And a shot of basil gives it a real grown up twist. Available in debenhams.com.

Stella McCartney – L.I.L.Y – £44

L.I.L.Y stands for Linda I Love You and is Stella’s tribute perfume to her mother – Linda McCartney. This is a refreshing and sexy perfume, due to the underlying notes of truffle and oaky woods, with lily of valley as its top note. Could have smelt old fashioned but its actually very pretty. Available in johnlewis.com.

Chloé – L’Eau de Chloé – £36.50

A super glamourous perfume, as you’d expect from Chloé, with bursts of patchouli, a dash of rosewater and citrus, blended to combine into a light and fresh everyday perfume. Spritz on more for a heavier night time scent. Available in johnlewis.com.

Nina Ricci – Nina Fantasy – £36.50

In a gorgeous white and gold porcelain bottle, with pink pears adorning the sides, this scent captures ripe pears, cherry and has a sweet touch of vanilla running through it, simply sumptuous! My favourite of all the featured perfumes. Very feminine, a fairy-tale fragrance and ideal for the summer. Available in johnlewis.com.

Fendi – Fan di Fendi – £39.95

A very womanly smell with musk, patchouli, jasmine and hints of tangerine and pear to compliment and soften it. Dark and mysterious, with pink peppercorns, a scent for the night time and glamourous secret parties where you go to meet a clandestine lover. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Available in johnlewis.com.

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love – £39

A truly refreshing scent, bursting onto your senses like a spring morning, with ginger, cedarwood and green florals. Definitely not for the faint hearted but for ladies who like to make a statement and try something a little different. A sophisticated scent for the spring. Available in johnlewis.com.

Burberry – Body Mist – £33

I love Burberry, they can do no wrong in my eyes, and this smell is no exception. A beautiful combination of peach, rose and freesia is really light as it contains no alcohol but spritz away and you’ll feel as light as the spring air around you. Available in houseoffraser.co.uk.

Yves Saint Laurent – Yvresse – £73

This is an amazing scent and I’ll tell you why. A fruity combination of juicy cocktails with nectarine and lychee, mellowed with violets gives this scent a mature and urbane edge. Not too heavy for spring but definitely full of fun and a very sexy scent. Available in johnlewis.com.

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