The Right Mobile Phone for Your Children

As children get older, a mobile phone becomes the social must-have. Their friends will each have one, and whoever has the newest and most expensive one indubitably rules the roost. Aside from social expectations, your child may need a mobile phone in order to remain in contact with you at all times whilst going out or playing at other children’s homes. Whatever your reasoning, the day is coming when your child will need a mobile phone of his or her own. But which provider offers a realistic option, with inexpensive phones that are easy to use?

Getting a PAYG sim is almost certainly the best idea, to prevent your child from running up unexpected bills. You can top up with an appropriate amount every week or month and your child can choose to add a bit extra if they have the pennies and feel it’s worth it. When the credit runs out they will be unable to call you, but retain the ability to dial 999 and you can still reach them, making it as close to ideal as possible.

Any type of Nokia phone will offer your child ease of use for little money. Nokia have acknowledged that they are no longer truly ‘with it’ in terms of keeping up with the market, which means you won’t be getting the top of the range. However, you can count on sturdy phones that are immensely user-friendly.

An iPhone is tempting, as it remains the Holy Grail of phones. However, choose carefully as this phone is likely to cost a pretty penny. Providers will expect you to pay a large sum for this phone, and even if you decide to spring for a monthly contract you’ll often find yourself paying for the privilege of having a child with an Apple product. Top that off with costly apps and accessories designed to help keep your child’s iPhone safe, and you could be embarking on an expensive trip indeed.

Blackberry phones have come down in price over the last few years, and can offer a feature-rich phone for a much lower price. That said, you may find that the features, such as the ability to surf the web, end up calling you an arm and a leg in terms of fees. You’ll have to consider whether or not your child is able to make optimal use of a phone of this calibre without going overboard – just like you will if you want an iPhone.

Some phones allow you to instate parental controls which include blocking unsuitable sites and certain numbers. Be sure to nip into a shop like the Carphone Warehouse and see if an employee can help you find what you need; they are sure to be glad to help and can definitely make a big difference in the outcome of your quest for a perfect phone to give to your child!

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