The Right Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinet for your small bathroom

Medicine cabinet for your small bathroom

A good and spacious medicine cabinet, with first aid stocked up in it is essential for every home. Though you might not fall sick very often and feel that you don’t require one, still you might need some basic medicines and drugs handy in case of an emergency. However, just keeping a stock of medicines isn’t enough indeed! It has to be kept in an organized manner so as to keep it out of reach of small children, pet animals and elderly people too.

The medicines must always be kept in a cabinet or shelf which is slightly high, so that it is away from the reach of your little ones at home. Elderly people might also take the medicines without reading the name properly due to lack of proper vision, hence it is always preferable to have a completely separate cabinet for medicines. This isn’t a very brainstorming job; you just need to find a good corner in your home which is easy to explain and access in case of an emergency!

The cupboard or cabinet should be big enough to accommodate all the necessary pills and even some lotions and creams that can be routinely used for burns, skin allergies and some syrups etc. It is important to keep in mind to have various columns or shelves in the cabinet so that everything is kept organized not cluttered together.

The medicine cabinet is more or less a well stocked first aid kit. You must keep in it medicines like children’s IBUPROFEN and ACETAMINOPHEN that can be required on a routinely basis for adults as well as older people. Always keep a CALAMINE LOTION or ANTI-BIOTIC OINTMENT, required in case of insect bites, rashes, eczema, itch-inducing plants and allergies to pollen grains, soothing cuts etc. There must be some floss picks and dental floss in your medicine cabinet too. You must also keep toothpaste, replacement toothbrushes, EPSOM SALT for stubbed toes etc. Don’t forget to have a DIGITAL THERMOMETER in your medicine cabinet! Your medicine cabinet must also include basic utilities such as tweezers with angled tips, small nail clipper, nail filer, alcohol pads, bandages, lip balm or Shea butter for chapped lips and cheeks etc. to a name a few.

Always remember to have a stock of chewable ANTACIDS, as acidity is a common problem among most people. Those of you with young children must not forget to have COUGH SYRUP in the favorite flavor of your child while a hard-core cough syrup for grown-ups. You must keep few small SALINE NASAL SPRAY bottles for each member of the family so that you don’t tend to pass the infection by using the same one. An important point to remember is the regular disposal of expired or unwanted drugs. It is important to get rid of the expired drugs lest you might use it in a hurry without checking the expiry date. Hence a monthly check of the expiry date of the medicines and drugs is necessary. A routine inventory of the medicine cabinet is also of prime importance as you will have to keep on adding those things that get used up and can be required again.                   

You can completely uplift the look of your simple bathroom with an innovative medicine cabinet. You can avoid the same side-hinged door of cabinet at each ones place with the contemporary and functional sliding door cabinet. Such type of cabinet will reveal the storage space and hide it when it is moved up and down. You can finish the picture perfect look with a mirror on the sliding door! You can also go with the designer cabinets with fashionable accessories that offer are completely modern touch to the décor. Ranging from the ones in stainless steel to those in glass or fiber, there is huge variety for you to choose from. You can also go with the cabinets that have cold storage option and keep the mirrored cabinet in a refrigerator like temperature.

This way you can effectively increase the life of most cosmetics as well as maintain the quality of the medicines. These cabinets look very elegant and are equally functional too. These cabinets serve the dual purpose of keeping the basic medicines and drugs in a systematic manner as well as look very elegant and organized too!        

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