The right hair color for you during summer

Hair color shades

Hair color shades

Regardless of your natural hair color, at some point of time, you may have thought about experimenting with your hair color, haven’t you? The proper color highlights can draw attention to your eyes, complement your skin tone, and impart a luster to those dreamy tresses indeed!

In order to have a healthy radiance for this summer, the color of your highlights should augment your face, not detract from it. By and large, expert’s advice is that the warm skin tones should be paired with warm hair colors such as auburn, red, copper and gold. While the cool skin tones should be combined with cool hair colors like the ash hues. For instance, if someone with warm skin has hair color that is too ashy, then the skin can give the impression of being with a greenish tinge. On the flipside, cooler skin tones that put on excessively warm highlights can appear pale and very much washed out. Those of you with yellow undertones in their skin should keep away from hair color that is too golden lest your face will seem pallid. These few dos and don’ts will help you decide for yourself the appropriate skin tones you are blessed with and also the best hair colors to choose for yourself. 

The veins on the inside of a person’s wrist show their true and exact skin tone. Someone with a warm skin shade will have more greenish veins, while someone with a cool skin tone will have slightly bluer ones. A summer spell tan can toss your colorist, but this is an easy and reliable way to check for your true tone. Another indicator of your skin tone is the eye color you have. While blue eyes indicate a cool skin tone and hazel eyes are warm, brown shades in eyes can vary. Brown eyes are generally warm, but a dark brown shade of the eye will denote a cool shade. No matter what color you apply to your beautiful tresses, proper care is essential to keep it vibrant and flamboyant. Sunlight, chlorine components, salt water, harsh shampoos etc. are problematic for color treated hair. Hence extra care has to be taken when you get your hair colored. Experts recommend the use of a sun shielding spray to protect the color treated hair from the scorching heat of the sun. As for summer cleansing, stay away from over shampooing the color treated tresses lest the color will die away. Detergent in the shampoo is what gradually fades the color of the hair. Hence you should shampoo your hair every alternate day. To freshen up on the days in between, you can blend a conditioner with water and scrub your scalp gently with it. A conditioner has cleansing properties too but it won’t dry and fade your hair like a shampoo will. If you have a very fair complexion, then you should stick to lighter shades of all colors. You can go from most shades varying from white, golden, strawberry or ash blond. If you want to go with a red head look, most shades of red will also be incredible for your skin tone. Copper, light and dark auburn, wine red, fox red, light ginger all go well for you all with fair skin. If you have light to medium skin, which isn’t as pale as those with fair skin tone, you are in great luck! You can choose most shades of all the colors. However it might be advisable for you to stay away from really dark and really light colors. These colors such as white blond and jet black may leave you looking a bit washed out. For warm and olive toned shades of skin, you can go with caramel, reddish and golden blond and butter scotch. You can also go with auburn brown, mocca, espresso, dark and light chestnut.  

So there you are all the beautiful ladies! Whatever your new chosen hair color is, it is really the shade that will govern the aptness and uniqueness to your exclusive look! Have faith in your choice and carry the look with attitude. For best results you can always consult a stylist, who can add some highlights to further individualize the color of your hair. And don’t forget; next time you fancy a change and wonder how to pick a hair color, just refer to this list above! 

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