The Reasons Why Employers Are Frightened About Halloween Hijinks

Should Halloween be celebrated in the office? There are some who question the celebration of Halloween in the office. The office is meant to be a corporate entity, where professionalism is the order of the day.

If offices are subjected to the outlandish and hijinks tendency that is usually the norm with Halloween festivities, wouldn’t the company be putting their good face in the mud? Well, no matter what you say or think on the matter, the number of offices indulging in this bizarre celebration is increasing but with its own brand of risks.

Employers know this and that is why with trepidation and their heart in the mouth, they allow partying in the Halloween way right in the company premises. Apart from the fact that there is a lot of mysticism around the occasion, why do you think employers are always filled with anxiety when the occasion is happening in the office, even though there have been cases of some Halloween office partying that actually went well? For your interest this article will discuss some reasons why employers practically chew on their heart when Halloween parties are taking place in the office.

Is there really any cause for alarm in having office Halloween parties?

There have been cases of problems unfolding during Halloween parties in the office and likewise there are cases of the celebration proceeding and ending without any problems.

If this is so, why the constant fear in the heart of the employers? Maybe they simply harbor the gut feeling of woe, but why, this is not the first time that parties will take place in the office, in fact celebration comes easily to offices, talk about the end of year parties, Christmas parties, and many other celebrations. If these other partying does not attract so much fear, why should Halloween? The answer is in the costume and its impacts.

About Halloween costuming:

Halloween costuming is worn to represent supernatural beings like: demons, beast, devil, etc. But in the modernized fashion, costuming in Halloween has extended to other representation apart from supernatural being to man-made legendary figures like: Dracula, Frankenstein, Superman, Hercules, Cat woman, Spiderman, etc. In some cases you will find some costumes representing the firmaments like the sun, moon, stars, etc.

The problem

The problem therefore arises from the effects of wearing these costumes and they are:

The chances of accidents: The awkwardness of wearing some of these costumes is so bad that it can easily cause small accidents like tripping over the helm of the attires to destroy valuable office equipment – and the problem begins. Celebration has a way of stealing one’s decorum and making nonsense out of it, especially if it is mixed with the spirit of liquor.

Please don’t react badly to this, good celebration without the intervention of ill manner is good. So apart from the costumes providing a chance for accidents to occur, the spirit of ill-manner celebration can make things go worst.

Have you ever experience a change of mood when you put on certain outfits like very sex lingerie, how does it make you feel, seductive, confident, what? What about if you put on nice, expensive, suit that makes you look outstanding, how do you feel? The same effects apply to wearing Halloween costumes that represent: Lucifer, demon, Dracula, etc.

Wears have the ability of influencing the wearer; this is the most dangerous part of Halloween. It is bearable if someone wearing a witch costume decides to behave like one in another environment apart from the office. Now you understand why employers are petrified when they allow offices to be used for Halloween celebration?

Apart from the above facts, Halloween costumes and images creates an air of mysticism granting the spirit of carelessness, nonchalance, frivolities and irresponsibility the power to reign supreme.

In conclusion, considering the inclination of Halloween celebration to shift into high jinks, it is better if it is celebrated anywhere than in the office, but as an employer, if you have a strong stomach to hold down anxiety, why not, go for it.

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