The Racer Front: a New Look at Fashionable Tops

The racer back has long since been a classic, and with products like the Strap Perfect, a plastic clip which pulls your bra straps into an X-shape that conceals them from view behind the racer straps.

As a classic top-shape for women, the racer back has been resilient both in swimsuits and other exercise-wear and in tops, dresses and tunics. But now a new shape has come on the scene – a racer front, which turns it all upside-down – or back to front! – and opens up new pathways to sexy, understated clothing.

The racer back has ever been a great type of detailing for showing off shoulders and arms, but with the front of your arms shown off as much as the back. Celebrities like Louise Redknapp and Kate Bosworth are showing off this look already and enjoying quite a bit of attention as a result!

You can happily pair the racer front with a skirt or a pair of trousers for any type of look from casual to smart, and with the sporty element of racer-style detailing you’ll fit in absolutely anywhere you go.

Mix and match fabrics, textures and patterns to make your racer front top extra exciting, or buy a racer front dress that meshes the entire outfit together. Paired with some heels to show off your calves and a dress or skirt that reaches just below your knees you’ll be the talk of the town with a truly classic look that will never go out of style.

So if you’re looking for something new that will look amazing in business or casual settings, consider the new racer front.

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