The pros and cons of the technology in the field of education

In today’s technology has in its hold almost every sphere of our life. There is no doubt that we are dependent on technology. We want some information, what do we do? We switch on the laptop or the personal computer or maybe the cell phone, avail the internet, use a search engine and find out what we want to know. The world of web has indeed made the world a smaller place. Medical science has attained new heights owing to the developments in the field of technology. Education is a field which is largely dependent on technology. Students no matter whether he is in school or working at a research level, refers to the internet for information. The contribution of technology in the field of education cannot be denied even if we keep our eyes closed.

 From the printing press to the internet

The invention of the printing press was a major breakthrough in the field of education. The concept of handwritten books (which were few in number) vanished and the printed ones took their place. The number of books being printed increased and thus their availability and circulation increased as well. The field of education was swept by the current of the printing press. Since then there was no looking back. With every new discovery in the sphere of technology, education always felt its effect. Today, the concept of internet stands to produce a new kind of education. A class of readers, hitherto unknown, known as the e-readers have emerged. Classes can be held through the internet from this part of the world to the other. Technology has increased the scope of education.

The pros and cons                                     

Education has been influenced both positively as well as negatively. There are two sides of the coin which needs a careful inspection before arriving at any conclusion. Education has become much more accessible thanks to the advancement of technology. It is possible for almost everyone to explore more the world of education and take a look at what is happening in the world around. Being tech savvy has its benefits for every student. Class tests and home assignments are being submitted online to the teachers these days. Whatever may be the nature of information everything is available. Technology has opened up new spheres of development for education. Video presentation during classes makes it easier for students to comprehend the matter that is being taught in class. It is true that technology has opened up a plethora of options for education.

Like everything else there is a bad side to this rapid technological growth as well. If I consider internet as one of the major products of technology – we all know the benefits it has but then again it is also a major medium for distraction. If not used properly it can yield disastrous results. In the name of studying students more than often are found to be chatting on the net. The visual image of everything is available just a click away. This has led to the decrease in the power of imagination. Television and the vides available on the net have a ghastly effect on children. The world of education has become more mechanized due to the advancement of technology.

Thus to maintain the good things about technology a balance should be achieved.

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