The Potted Game Company: Little Pots of Heaven

Do you remember in the olden days when picnics would come with glorious potted meats or fish? It’s an old traditional way of preserving game that has seemingly fallen out of favour with our tastebuds, but The Potted Game Company are putting a stop to all that, with their range of potted delights and their love for all things culinary. The Potted Game Company was founded by two chefs, Jemima and Rory, who are united by a shared passion for British food. Jemima Palmer-Tomkinson spent two long summers spent hosting a Castle on the Spey. Jemima loved to experiment in the kitchen and towards the end of her time on the Spey, she stumbled upon an old recipe that used potting as a preservation method for meat and the idea for potted game took shape. Rory Baxter is a Michelin trained professional chef and an old friend of Jemima’s who runs a variety of successful culinary businesses. On returning to southern climes Jemima sought Rory’s help and advice and before too many bottles of Gin were seen off the Potted Game Company was born.

The pair have cooked in Swiss chalets, French chateaux, Mayfair mansions and Scottish castles, however they moved into one of Rory’s mobile production kitchens, where they spent a great deal of time potting, packing and refining the recipes and processes until a small range of products were perfected. Using the growing availability of game and combining it with over 25 years of top-flight cooking experience, they have now come up with their first range of products. So what exactly is potting? Potting – preserving in butter – has been used in British cuisine for hundreds of years. Not only does the butter preserve the meat but it also seals in the flavours and provides a rich, silky finish. The Potted Game Company use seasonally sourced game which can be served on any warm crusty bread, melba toast or just straight toast to make the ultimated snack, sophisticated starter, or why not try on biscuits as nibbles with pre-dinner drinks! You can also pop them in baked potatoes or through pasta with some fresh herbs thrown in for good measure!

Here are the varieties you can choose from:

  • Potted quail with Somerset cider brandy
  • Potted wild boar with smoked ham hock and sherry
  • Potted pheasant with roasted hazel nuts and smoked bacon
  • Potted wood pigeon with walnuts and ginger
  • Potted trout with lemon zest and spices
  • Potted partridge with apricots and cashew nuts
  • Potted crayfish with cayenne pepper and mace
  • Potted rabbit with cider and English mustard

Each pots are enough for a 65g serving and come in an individual pot. You can only at present buy 10 at once but they are freezeable. Jemima says about coming up with the unique recipes, “We poached the meat, reduced the stock and added nuts, herbs and spices to come up with something that can be eaten as a starter or a snack,” she adds. “It’s perfect for using up the leftovers and, best of all, it freezes well. “We understand what a great natural resource game is and how terribly undervalued it is by the public,” she continues, hoping to put British game back on our tables and on our picnic rugs.”

For more information please visit pottedgame.com site.

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