The position of American Education System in the World

The future of the world lies in the hands of today’s children. Hence it is very important for the children to be well developed both mentally and physically. The only way to make sure that the growth of a country is not hampered is to educate them. Every country in the world thus spends a lot in education and well being of the children. Literacy is very important. Unfortunately researchers have found out that the education system in America needs improvement desperately. Though the country was once the most renowned one in education, yet now the education system falters on some major parameters. Let us know what the major short comings are in the American educational system.

America was ranked at the first place since when it has showed high improvement in the field of Technology at one point of time. This had been a constructive outcome of the effective educational system they once had. But due to some never ending problems researchers have felt that the entire structure has to be reorganized or refurbished as soon as possible. Reports tell us that capital is definitely not the problem here because the money spent here on children is very less when compared to other areas of the world. If the percentage of literacy is taken into consideration, America is quite far behind.

 The Hurdles in the Education system of America are described and underwritten

 It has been found that the teachers are incompetent. Stress, less of time, difficult assignments and reality shock are some of the challenges faced by them. Though removing teachers who are not qualified was called for, the system has not yet been implemented. Many teachers have also left the job which has put burden on the already stressed teachers as a result of which quality education is hampered. With the objective to improve the educational standards, Mr. Bush had started an act called the No Child Left behind Act. It was based on the principle of developing the liability of the students. However this act was withdrawn because there was a sharp rise of failures in the Science group.

Political interference is one of the key factors which come in the way of imparting quality education. The reforms have been influenced by different parties which have made the system of education complex. If the parents do not give much attention to their children then progress can be easily hampered. Research has proved that children whose parents help in educating the child have performed well than the ones who have not been paid attention. Lack of time and communication are some reasons which the parents have put forward. In America, parents do not play the role of a guide which has affected the educational system as well. Alcohol, parties and drug have influenced the children as well. They do everything apart from studies. All these are the problems found in the system of American education which needs to be checked very soon.

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