The Perfect Type of Flooring for Your Needs

Flooring. You don’t really think about it until it’s time to remodel your home, do you? But suddenly the choices crowd in on you and you come to understand that there is a large variety of types of flooring and that each offers different advantages and disadvantages. Work with those elements and you could find the type of flooring that works for you.

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Laminate or hardwood floors are easy to keep clean. On a downside, they can be expensive as you will need professional installation. You’re also going to want to keep them from getting scratched up, and that can prove to be quite the challenge indeed. A regular sanding-and-waxing routine will be time-consuming and/or expensive and may prove to be more trouble than the flooring really is worth for you.

Tile floors are rumoured to be cold, but this needn’t be the truth. Certainly they will be colder than carpet, but stone such as travertine, slate or ceramic can hold a clement temperature and release a small amount of heat against your skin. In the summer these tiles will certainly be cool, and they will help to retain a bit of the chill, but in the winter they will retain heat and you may find they lead to a slightly warmer feel than linoleum.

Speaking of linoleum, a lot of varieties are available and you can choose from practically any colour or print you could hope for. Unfortunately it is fragile and doesn’t have a very long life-cycle as you will find deterioration sets in within a few years. It’s also difficult to keep clean, and will feel unpleasant to bare feet.

Carpet keeps the room warmer and is an ideal floor for people with children. Make sure you shell out for a nice underlay to help little kids bounce when they fall over. Professional installation can sometimes be bypassed, although you obviously do get what you pay for, and carpet can be found reasonably cheaply at plenty of places around the country. From £3 per square meter, you can cover your floor in warm, soft carpet.

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Under-floor heating is available with practically any flooring option and is certainly worth a thought if you have the spare pennies to consider it. It will help warm your entire space if your flooring is heated, and may provide you with added space to relax on as it becomes pleasant to lie or sit on the floor itself whilst watching TV or enjoying an evening with friends.

Consider the flooring you want to install carefully before you make a choice. Different types of flooring provide different advantages and disadvantages, and the right floor will pull a room together and bring it a general sense of space and comfort.

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