The Perfect Playroom; Decorate Your Way to Greatness

Often, people think playrooms offer little in the way of decorating challenges. It’s a room designed for children to go mad in, and ultimately most people allow it to sink into madness, ignoring the drawings on the wall and the mess all over the floor and furniture in favour of having quiet, happy children who spend their day happily creating more chaos until all the toys are broken and the room is a ruins. But if you put some work into a playroom you could, in fact, create a wonderful part of your home that will inspire your children to greatness, rather than destruction. Ultimately, you’ll be able to make a space you’ll be glad to keep tidy, which can teach your children the basics of housekeeping as well as keep them happy and entertained.

A problem many people experience is that, after dumping all the toys in the playroom, the room doesn’t really appeal to anyone. Obviously, you can paint it to remedy this situation. Painting landscapes and murals on the walls can help inspire your children and promote a sense of fun, but if you’re worried that their tastes will change (or you simply haven’t the money or talent to paint an extensive Ben 10 scene), you can definitely come up with a cheaper, easier, and more interchangeable solution. Wall decals can be bought which are easily applied, removed, and reused; as a result you can cover the walls with your children’s favourite characters, only to switch them around when the tastes inevitably change.

Inciting creativity is one thing, but unfortunately many children take to drawing on the walls. Not a problem! With chalkboard paint you can paint a section of the wall, door, or cupboard black in such a manner as to allow your kids to use it as a chalkboard. Remember – many thin layers will give a better result than one thick one, as you really don’t want drips on a chalkboard! Provide a fun little container full of chalks and any desire to draw on the wall is soon soothed by… Drawing on the wall!

Plenty of storage is an obvious choice, but had you considered seating? A table and chairs are imperative to children who enjoy building Lego creations or drawing, painting, and colouring. However, a few choice beanbags, bought for a very small amount at shops like Asda or Tesco, can create a wonderfully soft corner in which to snuggle up with a book. Be sure to provide a little shelf within arm’s reach for the favourite volumes to move into; you can foster your child’s desire to read and provide them with the ideal hangout spot.

It’s common practice for playrooms to turn into the forgotten backwaters of the home, going to seed in a truly saddening way and further repelling both parents seeking to tidy and children seeking to play. Putting a bit of extra effort in will ensure you get a space you want to keep looking its best, as well as a place where your children can live out their every dream. Good luck and happy playing!

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