The Perfect Dress for Every Body Shape

Every woman has faced the struggle and that dreaded moment when they head to the closet and just cannot find anything to wear.  I can have a room full of clothing and still cannot find anything I need, especially when it comes to finding something for an evening out.

One great way to combat this problem is knowing that you have pieces that fit your body and your style – this alone can make the battle much less consuming.  One staple piece that every woman needs is that little black dress that makes them feel good, look good, and gives them the self-esteem to conquer an evening out.  The following are the suggestions I have found helpful in finding the perfect little black dress for every body shape.


Straight bodies and apple shapes often have a linear balance.  They are straight up and down, as the name suggests.  For bodies shaped in this way the key is to give the illusion of shape where there may be none.  I always try to make sure that my waist is defined as a way to give that womanly curve.  For straight bodies, try a wrap dress that ties in at the middle or a little black dress with a belt that narrows the waist inward.


Curvy women have a beautiful and wonderful shape.  They have the shape I envy.  An ample bust and curvy bottom highlight this body type.  In order to make sure that your curves standout and do not get lost in too much material, pick out a little black dress with a deep V.  This helps to show off that wonderful cleavage that you have.  Also, make sure that you highlight your bottom half as well.  The deep V will draw the eye to your tiny waist which can further be highlighted with cinching or a belt.  Then, pick the length that makes you feel great.  Try a knee length or just above the knee so that your dress does not hit at a wide part of your body.  We all want to look our best and highlight our greatest features so I know choosing this type of dress will be perfect for you curvy ladies out there!


Pear-shaped women have a smaller top half and a bit more meat on the bottom.  A great little black dress that everyone with this body shape can wear is a halter dress.  A halter gives the illusion of a more ample bust which will balance the bottom half of the body.  Hips look smaller because the shape is more evenly displaced throughout the body.  Try a longer style to hide those problem areas that may be sources of discomfort, as they are for me.


A sheath dress is perfect for smaller girls.  The shape is rather straight, made of one sheet of material that cinches in the waist area with a belt or ribbon.  This accentuates a petite and tight waist.  Further, a shorter version will elongate the legs and highlight the tight slim nature of a petite body.  Remember to look for a black dress that hits at or above the knee.  Avoid dresses that hit at the widest part of the body because they will highlight and draw attention to wider areas that I know we all want to hide.

Remember, to make sure that your wardrobe becomes a place where you feel great.  I know I have never felt better than when I step out with confidence and look great.  Now, with these secrets, you can find the perfect evening dress and have an amazing night out too!

Finding the perfect little black dress for your body shape has never been easier and as it can be paired with many accessories it can become a staple item in your wardrobe.

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