The Olsen twins set to launch a new handbag collection

Although they haven’t been splashed over the front of newspapers for a while, the Olsen twins are back in the limelight, after talk of them launching a new handbag collection together, in August.

Olsen twins

Olsen twins

Designed under their fashion label, ‘The Row’, twenty-five year old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will unveil the nine-bag collection next month, which includes day tote bag; a backpack; a doctor bag; and a shoulder bag, which is made from python and alligator. The material used for each of the bags varies from smooth, structured alligator, to grey calf’s leather.

With the range due to be stocked in Harvey Nichols, a stockist of The Row, the handbag collection is expected to sell really well.

The Olsen twins are American actresses who were born in 1986. Appearing in television programmes and films since they were young babies, the twins first shot to fame when they were just six months old, after being in the American television show ‘Full House’.

Olsen twins set to launch a new handbag collection

Olsen twins set to launch a new handbag collection

As a result of their successful fame, several years later Mary-Kate and Ashley started to bring out merchandise with their image on, before having their own television programme.

As the sisters grew up, they became more and more interested in fashion, which is how their new handbag collection came about, amongst other things. Both hailed fashion icons many a time, they definitely know what’s hot and what’s not, even designing a clothing range for young American girls, stocked in Walmart.

It was after the success of this range that the girls decided they could take their fashion merchandise further, starting a new line, which was to be ‘The Row’, named after Savile Row, in London. The Row is a luxury brand, which was first launched in 2007. All they first set out to do was design ‘the perfect t-shirt’ as they put it, but it has of course evolved into much more than that. They now offer a wide range of everyday clothes, tailored so they fit consumers perfectly. In 2010 the brand expanded to include sunglasses, and now with a new handbag range launching any day soon, the only way is up…

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