The next generation Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 leak It was hailed as one of the best tablet bargains of the year when Google’s Nexus 7 was launched in 2012. And now the search engine giant is gearing up to launch the next generation of its flagship device.

Google is preparing to announce its new Nexus gizmo at a special event due to be held on July 24th when a breakfast event with Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pinchai is due to be streamed online.

Rumours are already rife about what to expect from the next generation Nexus, with expectations of a higher resolution 7-inch screen and two cameras – an impressive 5MP rear-facing camera and a 1.2MP front-facing camera. That should give the Nexus 7 2 decent options for video chat and for shooting pictures and video.

Details of pricing have already been leaked ahead of the official launch, with the tablet due to cost £150 for a 16GB version and £175 for the 32GB device.

original Nexus 7That’s even cheaper than the original Nexus 7, which cost £159 when it was released a year ago.

At the moment, the Nexus 7 has a LCD display with 800 x 1280 resolution, but the new model is expected to be even sharper with a 1980 x 1200 resolution.

It’s also expected to run Google’s very latest operating system Android 4.3, which is also due to be officially announced on July 24.

According to a screenshot of the Nexus 7 2 specifications, this year’s model will be powered with a 1.5GHz quad core processor.

Google’s original and new Nexus 7 gives consumers a viable budget tablet option, with other high-end tablets, such as the iPad Mini costing around £250.

Although, one downside may be the battery life, with the Nexus 7 2, as it has been dubbed, due to carry a smaller 4000mAh battery, down from 4325mAh on the current device. With a punchier full HD display, that could mean the Nexus 7 2 will require charging up more often, although a wireless charging option is being mooted.Google Nexus leak

Leaked images show the new Nexus 7 looking very similar to the current model, with a black design featuring the Asus and Nexus branding. Although, while the previous Nexus 7 featured a distinctive textured back, this time round the rear of the device looks to have been given a smoother and simpler design.

Already, the news has provoked excitement among tech forum users, with one saying: “My kids both have iPads but I prefer the Nexus, which I think is more user friendly. I can’t live without it and will be buying the new one when it comes out.”

The expected launch is also due to lead to price reductions for the original Nexus 7 tablet so consumers who simply want a tablet with decent specs but don’t mind if they have the latest model could find a bargain.

Google’s Nexus 7 2 is expected to go on sale in Staples on July 31st, according to a leaked memo document which appears to have originated from the retailer, although it may be available earlier in the Google Play store.